JFK conspiracies: the best ones are the least likely

“Nerve Exploded?” Really? If you want to be convincing you might want a more through mechanism to explain what was seen.

It is hard to imagine the second shot that hit the president being an entrance wound on the back of the head and an exit wound on the front. Especially from the film. His brains were splattered onto the back of the limo behind him. It seems to be some inertia imparted to a target carrying pieces of that target away in the direction of the shot. Back and to the left makes it sound silly but the horrible footage makes too much sense if there was a shooter in front of the car. It’s a natural conclusion especially if you have shot stationary targets like melons.

What’s natural and fits appearances might not be what is happening in front of us. People’s heads exploding when struck by bullets is a terrible, grotesque, and perverse realm of fluid dynamics few of us are familiar with. I wish humanity no longer needed to study this nor continue to provide examples. The coroners all say the hole in the back of the president’s head is an entrance wound. The sad reality is most of his brains went up in the air. Could it be a big chunk of head up in the air, caught by the wind and moving out from under an accelerating vehicle to land on the trunk. It could be this. A moving frame of reference that confuses people with a static experience of target shooting.

I can not fault people for thinking it could be the opposite. Conspiracy or not it is complicated. Like Earl Morris refining the truth of an event this one takes a good bit of back and forth even when we have film of the event.

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UFO investigators, JFK conspiracy theorists, Truthers, Birthers… It amazes me how much time is wasted processing this garbage. Facts are hard. Fantasy is easier.


See also: Lady Diana.

"The Princess of Wales killed by something as ordinary as a combination of speeding/inebriated driver/not wearing seat belt? I don’t think so!"

Sharpshooter is not a very good grade of shooter in the Marines. Expert qualifiers are your shooters. Oswald was a sharpshooter but was downgraded to marksman (the lowest possible marksmanship qualification badge).

Nelson Delgado, a Marine in the same unit as Oswald, used to laugh at Oswald’s shooting prowess and testified that Oswald often got “Maggie’s drawers”; meaning a red flag that is waved from the rifle pits to indicate a complete miss of the target during qualification firing.

So, you are saying that there is no magic loogie?

Newman, Kramer, if you'll indulge me. According to your story Keith passes you and starts walking up the ramp then you say you were struck on the right temple. The spit then proceeds to ricochet off the temple striking Newman between the third and forth rib. The spit then cam off the rib turned and hit Newman in the right wrist causing him to drop his baseball cap. The spit then splashed off the wrist, Pauses In mid air mind you- makes a left turn and lands on Newman's left thigh. That is one magic loogie.


To be serious, though, I think many people (like the above) aren’t liars in the sense that we understand it. They simply don’t have an appreciation of any kind of truth existing beyond their own perceptions and desires. They’re not rationalizing (lying to themselves), like a junkie saying “just one more hit”, they’re not thinking, “this isn’t true, but I must lie in the service of a cause or a greater truth.” Their brains don’t work that way.

They choose what to say based on whether they believe that saying a certain thing will be beneficial to them. Period full stop the end.

From your own link:

Military experts, after examining his records, characterized his firearms proficiency as “above average” and said he was, when compared to American civilian males of his age, “an excellent shot”.

The real question isn’t “was Oswald an exceptional shot by Marine standards?,” it’s “was he a good enough shot to assassinate Kennedy?” I think available evidence certainly supports the latter.


“What we’re organizing here, my friends, is a watertight hit.”


My favorite theory – once seen in the “Letters” section of the Austin Chronicle – is that Vaughn Meader became so popular with his JFK act, that he posed serious competition to the shows in Vegas. The Mafia decided they’d had enough and figured that if JFK died, Meader’s act would, as well. Rich Little, waiting in the wings, saw his career take off as Meader’s slumped…


I just can’t take Warren Commission ‘evidence’ seriously. Yes, they were able to find ‘military experts’ who did not know Oswald to say he was a better than average shot. Yet his actual military records and the testimony of those who served with him (not included in the Warren Commission report) disagreed. So, it’s either we accept the testimony of those on the govt payroll who never knew him, never saw him shoot, and never served with him or we accept the testimony of those who did know him, did serve with him, and did see him shoot.

What evidence do you have that Oswald could have made those shots? I live right next to where it happened, have looked at it many times, read the reports, and have come to a quite different conclusion.

The Kennedy family also had the medical records kept quiet because JFK was much, much sicker than was publicly known. On top of that you have everyone in CYA mode because holy crap!, someone murdered a president on their watch.

Just to make things even crazier, JFK assassination theories were a KGB plot. Seriously. According to records in the Mitrokhin Archive, KGB secretly gave money to support Mark Lane as he wrote Rush to Judgement and also passed on information to incriminate H.L. Hunt and CIA, They also repeatedly planted stories in the press blaming CIA and in the 70s forged a letter meant to implicate Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt in the assassination.

My favourite theory by far is the one formulated in Red Dwarf (Series VII).

On a more serious note: when the shit really hits the fan
a) a lot goes wrong, not just one thing,
b) all the little mistakes that usually go unnoticed suddenly matter and have a tendency to develop into bigger mistakes (and fast),
c) at a certain point everyone involved is way out of his depth
d) quite a lot of the people involved will try to cover their backsides, i.e. hide their mistakes
e) this usually leads to more mistakes because you’re acting on flawed information,
f) more stress, more and graver mistakes
Result: the whole thing is spiralling out of control. At some point the whole thing implodes.

Eh, that’s completely neither here nor there as regards whether the Kennedy assassination involved a conspiracy or not though. And a bit of a hoary cliche at this point.

With all due respect “looking at” the site is no substitute for a thorough investigation.

Even if you have zero trust in the Warren Commission your own link discusses other investigations, including one by a CBS affiliate that used volunteers to see how difficult it would be to reenact the shot. The results supported the theory that Oswald could have pulled off the shot:

Many of CBS’s 11 volunteer marksmen, who (unlike Oswald) had no prior experience with a properly “sighted” Carcano, were able to hit the test target two times in under the time allowed.

I’m going with Bill Nye - a tiger got him.

“How do you know the CIA wasn’t involved in the JFK assassination?”
“He’s dead, isn’t he?”

Typing that, I realized for the first time that ‘assassination’ has ‘ass’ in it. Twice.

Dear people who apparently believe they look impressive by talking about Kennedy assassination details. You don’t.

You can see how little kinetic energy is imparted by a speeding bullet to a whole body by Kennedy’s reaction (or relative lack of it) to the wound that transected his neck, just after passing the sign. The killing bullet subsequently impacted his head, passed straight through his brain and exited. The amount of kinetic energy imparted to his head was small due to the through and through nature of the wound. You can see ‘pink mist’ in the frame in front and above the president’s head on impact —the initial wound was thus from somewhere behind. He was dead at that point, but reflex mass extensor muscle spasm threw his head back and deposited skull fragments and brain tissue onto the back of the car behind him before he slips down in his seat.

And I hit a head-sized target with an iron sight bolt action 7.62 rifle at 100m the first time I tried. I don’t find it at all hard to believe that a marine could hit a moving target at 81m.

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Yes, though just a kid, I was there about year after the assassination looking at it. It made no sense to me, though I’m sure you’ve spent a whole lot more time looking at it since.

I just wonder if people now really get just how incredibly shocking and horrifying the thing was on a national scale? In the midst of the Cold War, with little old ladies having Richard Nixon show up in his district telling them there were (literally) commies under their beds, that assassination was pretty much about the same level of crazy scared that 9/11 was. This president was so popular - and for the Warren Commission to come back with no convincing or reassuring answers just provoked all KINDS of boogeyman/commie/apocalyptic chatter. It wasn’t just another fad thing. They were genuinely afraid of what it all meant.


A lot of conspiracy sites are purposely poorly researched because they almost always link to or sell DVDs on the right side, if not then they usually have huge ads to other conspiracy gear. The money is an ugly industry in itself.