Jim Bob Duggar's testimony is deemed 'not credible' in son Josh Duggar's child pornography trial

Originally published at: Jim Bob Duggar's testimony is deemed 'not credible' in son Josh Duggar's child pornography trial | Boing Boing

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More Xtianist family values from this garbage clan.


Won’t somebody think of the children…no, not like that.


Or an addition to his qualifications as a republican candidate.


On the one hand I can’t fathom being the father of someone accused of something so horrible – would I feel reluctant to testify against my own child no matter what?

On the other hand, I can’t fathom supporting my child-molesting son at the expense of four of my daughters.


For them, women are disposable and only there for the edification of men, so it’s easy for them to throw their daughters under the bus. they don’t care about them except for the boys they might one day produce.


This showed up weirdly out of order on the blog feed and I almost missed it.

Anyway - what a vile POS.


For anyone who might be interested the podcast I Pray You Put This Journal Away is pretty interesting. It is by a Justin childhood friend of Josh Duggar, who broke away from his fundamentalist background. He kept a journal during his adolescence and reads it in the podcast. It is a pretty fascinating look at a world that I never encountered. The entire work is also available on YouTube under the same name.

As a note, Justin and his wife Julia are not experienced podcasters and it shows sometimes. Still it give you a look into the culture of the Duggars and how their church handled things when Josh’s misdeeds came out.


I shudder to think how many Josh Duggars there are in the world, enabled by people like his parents. How many children have become victims because their religious families prefer to save face over saving their children from abuse.


As long as we live in a patriarchal society, that will be far too many. Plenty of non-religious people get away with this shit, too, because they are men.


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