#JOBSNOTMOBS is Trump's new campaign hate meme, promising full-on fascism if you'll 'VOTE REPUBLICAN NOW'


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I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he believes he really won that fight fair and square.


“The president and his communications team scan everything and share possible good lines with each other," explained Gingrich. “One of President Trump’s strengths is his willingness to learn from virtually everyone.”



I didn’t get very far into that brag-fest before I stopped and said out loud: “THANKS OBAMA!”


I am honestly fearful of what is going to happen in the US after the election. There is tinder everywhere. Only a spark is needed.

I’m heading to Houston this weekend for a reunion and I expect there to be full on craziness. I’m going to be on my guard not to say anything offensive. I don’t want to be that spark.


wtf is Job Snot?



He couldn’t have beat up Ed McMahon.


He couldn’t have beat up Ed McLittul-Kihod


He couldn’t have beat up Mister Ed.


Did I miss George Soros?

'Cuz if he was in there, I have a Bingo.


He couldn’t have beat up Eddie Munster :wolf:


This really feels like we’re careening to our Reichstag fire moment.


When it gets difficult to distinguish a campaign ad from a “Man in the High Castle” promo, your democracy is probably in trouble.


The rhetoric and intent setting the stage is definitely there. Thousands of Army troops deployed on U.S. soil, attempts to disenfranchise citizens, refusal to condemn white supremacists, hate memes like this.


Meanwhile, the Democrats’ succinct, pointed rallying cry is…

We can all laugh at how silly and dishonest and beneath us it is, but like maga, they at least have something. We, again, have nothing.


How about you start now, with something like “No More Fascism!”
Or “Stop Tyranny Now”?


Speak for yourself. I have plenty.


He couldn’t have beat up Mister Dead



Are you running for office?