Joe Biden announces presidential bid

Cute, bbs, very cute.


Add union-busters to the list of people who are super stoked about Biden running:


Trump got past the GOP primaries in 2016 because frothing at the mouth racism was a more popular platform than Bible thumping bigotry. The Evangelicals stopped giving a flying crap about Trump’s character when Pence was named VP. Such a scandal wouldn’t stop them, nor the more obvious and likely news of the abortions he paid for.

Having a warrant out for state felonies and therefore unable to run for re-election sounds promising.


I love this optimistic viewpoint, and I’m being totally honest, however… I’m still burning from the turns that the 2016 election took, and the crazy-ass road we’ve been on since.

I personally have little faith that enough of “the public” wants the same things that I want anymore.

But that’s me. Hang on to your optimism. I hope you’re right.

And yet, this is who I feel will make it through the primary. Not because I want him to. Jesus, no. Just… because of the same thing I said above.

It feels thematically correct for the time we are living through.

I unsubscribed too, from the ones I was on, however they’ve started back up again. It’s like it was “snooze” instead of “unsubscribe”.


I want to believe that, but I’m also afraid of the complacency that idea breeds. We desperately need the masses who didn’t turn out to vote in 2016 to show up in 2020, so that there’s no question, no margin of error that can be nudged to keep the national nightmare in office.


Even if they have a valid unsubscribe, spammers always re-merge their mailing lists to squeeze out any last drops of juice.

Did someone say politicians aren’t spammers? Only because they wrote the laws that way.

Sharp’s Corollary: Spammers attempt to re-define “spamming” as that which they do not do.


Yeah - Joes time would have been to save us from Clinton’s all too possible loss to trump, but instead he’s here spoiling for Sanders.

The way it should have gone down is that Clinton should have ended her candidacy once she was caught cheating with the DNC. Instead she continued with the additional Red Flag of Cheater lumped on top of all the rest of the obvious vitriol that the GOP had for her.

If she had ended her candidacy as any responsible politician should have at that point then perhaps Joe would have stepped up to run against Sanders and we’d be looking at an easy win for either of them in 2020


As much as I don’t want Biden to win the primaries, I’d still take him over the alternative any day.


At this point I am even willing to take these alternatives


Wow… so glad that people being sexually harassed and then humiliated in the media is such great entertainment for you! /s


Agreed, but Biden vs. Trump is a bit like “eating a shit sandwich with measles sauce vs. being shot in the stomach”.


Somone who didn’t have enough sense to vote against the Iraqi invasion…



Its the comeuppance I find entertaining, not the abusive behaviour. After all, for many years uncle Joe, Bill Clinton, Jeff Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, etc have all gotten away with this behaviour. They have been shielded from the consequences of their behaviour and their victims have been afforded no redress.

I do take pleasure in seeing justice done. But it isnt the sole reason for justice.


Oh, Goddess please, YES:

As for Biden, this is my reaction to his choice to run:


That’s not how your comment comes off, it comes off as dismissive of a very serious issue that impacts literally half the population of the world.

Also… comparing the trials to a lynching (other than ignoring the reality of those acts and their association with the supposed violation of white women during segregation) makes it seem like your more sympathetic to the perpetrators.

None of this is funny or entertaining for the women involved, even when they are pure, virginal, and perfect human beings, their names STILL get dragged through the mud as much, IF NOT MORE, then the men who committed the crimes. This attitude of taking it all as a light joke does not help at all.


Priorities for 2020:

  1. Evict Trump. This is the be-all-and-end-all. if this does not happen I seriously think the American experiment is over. I worry that even if he loses, he will declare some “national emergency,” probably claiming electoral fraud, and try to nullify the election.

  2. Take back the Senate. If the Repubs still control the Senate, undoing Trump will be exponentially more difficult, and getting control of the judiciary back will be pretty much off the table.

  3. Hold the House. See above.

  4. Get the most progressive candidates we can in the primaries, for every election contested. Pres, Senate, House, Legeslature, School Board, Dogcatcher, whatever. Of course, #4 comes before the top 3, just because that’s how it goes, but there you are.

For any of this to happen, we need to be active in the campaign, we need to support our candidates and we need to vote.

I do not believe Biden is that guy. His time is past, if it ever was. I will not vote for him in the primaries. BUT, #1 priority remains #1 priority.


I dont want my daughters having to deal with Biden or his ilk. I have a zero tolerance policy for it. Its worth bleeding for. And like all sins, it aint in the past if it aint punished. I dont care what he prevailing attitudes were when Joe was a young man. Let the wrath of heaven fall on his head and destroy him utterly, to better serve as an example for others.

And shame on me, I enjoyed seeing Weinstein suffer. And frankly I will enjoy it more when he is convicted.

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oh… it’s really started now …



Well I think we can all agree his advice for home defense is very poor.

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I watched the recent CNN town halls and was struck be how much of a Republican in Democrat clothing Kirsten Gillibrand is. She was extremely evasive and parsing in all of her answers.