Joe Biden formally nominated as Democratic presidential candidate as DNC throws virtual nationwide convention

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Why, why must reality insist on matching the political campaign from Transmetropolitan?


Biden is nominated 32 years after first trying, which has to be a first in American history

it just goes to show you that in this great nation any white man with unlimited resources can overcome the terrible adversity of being told “no” and achieve their goals if they just keep trying.



Don’t insult the Beast by comparing him to Trump. Trump is the worst aspects of The Beast and The Smiler, with a load of other shit to fill in the gaps.

Or are you saying that Biden is the Beast? I guess we can be grateful that Trump isn’t competent enough to be the Smiler.


On reflection, I’d say that it’s basically the Transmetropolitan election but in reverse. The Smiler was a populist that hated the people he courted and would do anything to harm them as long as it benefited himself. The Beast was the establishment candidate that also hated the people, but believed in making the system function. Either way, this is now our political reality: horrible populists, or horrible establishmentarians. The US now has to deal with an endless parade of Beasts and Smilers, and if you’re wondering if Canada’s better at this, we’re not. Just a little blander.


I’m from Britain and it is the same here.

I joined the Labour party after Corbyn changed things enough that I wouldn’t be kicked out for being and entryist (I’m not a Trotskyist, but the Blairites didn’t care). I’m beginning to think it’s the worst political mistake I have ever made. Talking to DSA people online and they are having the same problems with the Democrats. We are all told by the party establishment to shut up, vote for the lesser of two evils and not to ever expect radical change.

And then the establishment wonders why the left hates them. I think Biden is in for a shock if he wins (and I hope he does, despite my feelings about his politics), a lot of people are not willing to put up with business as usual any more.


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