Joe Pesci spat on Elmo

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Pesci? Do you mean Joe Pesci? For a second I thought that @pesco had spat on Elmo and was really confused.


Just corrected the headline with my awesome, previously unused forum superpowers. Feels good.


How does one get such god-like powers?


Pfft, some God. The site itself still remains fully Pesco’d.


Lol. Now we have to make a video of Pesco spitting on Elmo: “Am I here for your amusement? Fuck you, you … rag”


Oh! You should make it one of those Elmos that apparently harass tourists in Times Square! @pesco can rumble with a Times Square Elmo!!! You’d get tons of hits!!!

Is this why this is Dizzy and not Boing now? @beschizza

A Pesco post has the same issue.

Don’t know. Maybe Discourse is getting more sophisticated with how it slots content pushed by wordpress

I blame Times Square Elmo… clearly, it’s a conspiracy that needs to be explored!

Basically, be a super-active member of the community for 100 days, and stay that active to keep the powers.

For context, there are ~8000 people who have attained level 1, of which ~3000 are level 2, and 37 are Level 3, including telecinese:

It’s simple to do, but not easy.


Grinding to level 3.

True. A lowercase-g lesser god, for sure. But a cool, obscure one, like Siris.

It was like this when I found it, I swear.

I’m wondering about what I’m missing to be on that list? Maybe I don’t read enough? Huh…


Pro tip: read the “do you want to play questions” thread, top to bottom. It will be a long, gruesome journey, but it might be the only thing keeping you from the IMO very difficult 25% posts read stat and true enlightenment.*

*May contain lies.


Dude… I had like the 2 post on that thing… Or Third maybe. No… I had the first response to the thread, actually. I just went and looked.


Yeah I have scratched my head a few times when seeing that you are not on the regular list. I was quite surprised to find myself there.


Just to nitpick-- I’m not hearing “obnoxious” (as stated in the post). Sounds to me like: “We’ve never had such a violent-- a violent celebrity on Sesame Street, ever!”

Cue my favorite George Carlin routine, when George decided to Pray to Joe Pesci, because he got better results!

It looks like Pesci was channelling Trump, what with that coiffure.

What would it cost to get Pesci to take a hit on Elmo?