Joey L.'s portraits of Holy Men



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on the link to Joey’s site.
I would have liked to have seen more. The lead photo is beautiful in texture and light.

The term “Holy” is probably the most perverted term used in the history of the English language. Perverted in that it’s used to describe a certain characteristic, while successfully covering up another. In this case, I would dare to use the term “High” as much as “Holy”.

The photos are beautiful on their own, without the titles. And of course, calling it “Really f*cked up old dudes from foreign lands” doesn’t provide the same mystery and intrigue, but at least euphemisms aren’t prolonging the misuse of the H word.


You have to believe in the concept of ‘holy’ to begin with, in order for it to not be perverse in totality. That said, if the people in the photos call themselves something along those lines, then it is appropriate to name a show in that manner. As an aside, I can’t get to the link to read the story.

He’s pretty amazing. I’m not sure he’s even of drinking age yet.

I am a fan of Marcus Leatherdale, who covered much of the same territory in the '90s and also created some beautiful photographs. My favorite:

and many more here:

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