John Bolton vows not to shave moustache


That stuff was great but I was alluding to the appointment of officials based on physical characteristics rather than skill or experience.

John Bolton is also a terrible person, but that’s not been much of a disqualifier thus far.


Credit: DonkeyHotey


TBH Trump’s people hand out shit like this left and right and the media publishes it to distract from what else Pence (in his Cheney role) has planned.

The messengers can DIAF for biting so readily.


Hey, sex work is far more honest than anything planned for the next four years.


And FAR less risky.



Right? He turns Trump’s weirdo predilection, into a shot at the media. Yeah. . . the “lame stream media” was begging him to shave it off.


The other question is whether trump would really hire him if Bolton lost the mustache.

I can see trump laughing as Aslan (Bolton) has his mane shaved off, and Trump now publicly refuses to hire Bolton, face naked and shivering in the cold. Pictures distributed widely

Bolton not shaving is merely loss mitigation. Trump would nor have changed his mind


And he could join Christie in Trump’s landfill of misbegotten sycophants. But it is interesting that the only thing that seems to keep trump from approving the most swamptastic nominees from the party elites is their appearance.



Maybe it’s not even a mustache at all but his baleen.


If Trump hates mustaches, then I think I’ll grow mine in protest. It’s at least as productive as all the Facebook slactivist meme sharing that keeps popping up on my feed.


Grow your 'stache to trash Trump!


To be fair, I can totally picture Trump screaming the word “presidential!”


Will we get Trump shoops with mustache eyes now?


Well, I for one am looking forward to 4 years of rational policies based on facts!
No, wait…


How confident are we that John Bolton isn’t actually a Decapodian in disguise?


I thought that it was because Trump had been traumatised by Pingu’s Dream.


Sure he does, he considers experience a mark against and intelligence disqualifying, though he sometimes confuses the two because his only means of identifying either is the same, not understanding what the applicant said.


I’d say it’s more productive than enriching the for-profit corporation and encouraging the left to do the bare minimum possible.