President-Elect Trump reportedly denied John Bolton a cabinet position because he didn't like his moustache


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First, that’s a good enough reason for me.

Second, does this mean that Trump may now disqualify himself?


So what are the chances this fine fellow will be appointed to a position in the administration?

This is someone I could definitely get behind, plus, he’s got the looks. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


moustache jealously is an ugly thing.


I wonder how many protesters would break out these masks to troll his hatred of epic upper lip hair?


I wouldn’t say his cabinet so far is chock-full of lookers.

I’d say it was envy. Bolton’s moustache is far and away the best thing about him.


He’ll have to fit into the Trump scheme to appoint people to head departments they want to destroy. So…Head of the Department of Field Mice?


Or perhaps it was because of Bolton’s bad track record of diplomacy:


To be fair, I voted Communist in the local council elections partly because I liked the guy’s hat.


Clean cut old white men, with the exception of the Blackwater guy’s sister, Mitch McConnell’s wife, Vince McMahon’s wife (?!?), and blatant tokens Ben Carson and Nikki Haley.


John Bolton’s moustache is terrible and you are absolutely correct.

But if he’s basing his Cabinet on appearances, I can think of other Boltons to draw from.



Dear god tell me there isn’t a casting couch. That makes every single headline about Trump meeting with potential picks a national nightmare…we have enough to deal with right now


Haley wasn’t just appointed as a token, she was appointed so that Henry McMaster could be given the SC Governor’s job.


Trump hasn’t requested 8x10 BW glossies for this bunch??? Thought he was casting for ‘Trump Destroys USA’ a new reality series on Fox.


If there is, Chris Christie has been on it.


I guess it’s good to know Trump isn’t too big a fan of Stalin and Hitler.


Even a broken clock is right twice a day.


Are we not Eduction Secretary? We are Devos. D. E. V. OS.


My cats have some definite thoughts about agriculture, so maybe our be-hatted friend does as well. Besides, Agriculture Secretary is still open. His only real conflict of interest is the milk lobby, but we know that no one cares about conflicts of interest any more.

Here’s a kitten wearing a top hat