Report: John Bolton and John Kelly shouted profanities at each other in White House confrontation


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" a resignation from one or the other was briefly anticipated,"


Maybe because I spend so much time looking at cars for my day job, but at that angle his mustache looks like a car bumper. Like his face grew it in anticipation of pummeling.


You call that a mustache?





But of course they did. That’s what they know.


Come on now, be honest. Who here wouldn’t shout obscenities at these two guys?


Whoever Wins, We Lose.


I do love seeing them eat each other alive.


I’m pretty sure the mustache in the image is Photoshopped. I remember it being larger.


I would prefer resignation by combat


Rosenstein and Mueller are still working right now thanks to McGahn and Kelly. And McGahn is McGone.

I read the Wikipedia article on the Trump Dossier the other day, and I pretty firmly believe that Mueller is going to make a case that Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians. All the big players named in the dossier have pleaded guilty and presumably flipped. Even McGahn provided almost a full workweek of testimony. Sadly, Mueller will wait until after the election.


Jensen’s Law: Win or lose, you lose.

If it doesn’t kill him, it’ll make him stronger.


Now you’ve made me imagine it killing him. Thank you for that.


Still right on topic:


Cage match, Bolton. vs. Kelly should be the centerpiece of the WWE Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. Can’t say I’d be sorry if neither one of them came back.



“Thunderdome” is sort of my answer for everything.


Whoever survives gets to resign.