John Kelly boasts about firing Rex Tillerson while he was on the toilet


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He was lucky that it was Rex T., and not T. Rex.


The thing about bullies is that they could brag about anything.

Defecating and speaking is brag worthy to the bully.

edit: “Shitcan Kelly” has a nice, hasg-taggy ring to it.


And according to Obama’s chief strategist…

Hooray for the #Resistance


“Just going to get some Dignity and Moral Clarity” would be a great euphemism for taking an Axelrod.


I am the egg man.
I am the egg man.
I am the toilet.
Goo goo g’joob!


Is the headline “John Kelly boasts about firing Rex Tillerson while he was the toilet” a typographical error or an allusion to the President’s rumored penchant for urolagnia?


And what the elephant was doing in my pajamas I’ll never know!


John Kelly: the adult in the room.


So John fired Rex while he was sitting on the john? That’s symmetry.

Revenge is a dish best served to someone sitting on the toilet.


The headline is bugging me out. Who’s on the fucking john?!?! (I know who) but seriously, which one of these dicks was on the john?


The continuing fable that Kelly and McMaster somehow are “adults” who will moderate Trump’s crazier actions is a monumental bit of wishful thinking by a media. They’re still desperately pretending this chaos is just a bump in the road, everything is still just fine, cut to commercial.


What we have in the White House is an entire staff totally devoid of any form of class. I wouldn’t hire any of them to mow my lawn or serve my drinks.


One dick was on a toilet, and the other was near a large pile of human excrement.


Now that you’ve all seen Kelly, McMaster, Flynn, Mattis etc in action…

Does that affect your view of the ethics, wisdom and competence of the senior US military leadership? Does that affect your view of the US fondness for constant use of military force?

Consider that people like this are given the power of life and death over countless numbers of civilians outside the US.


Were they both on the john?

Who does number two work for?



It’s been clear for a while that Kelly isn’t one of the adults.

To be fair, I think it was after that point that Kelly removed all doubt about whether he was an adult. The “adult” narrative was still in full swing, then. Also, having someone who could speak like a 14-year-old would be more presidential than what we’ve got, so…

Isn’t McMaster the only thing even vaguely resembling an “adult” still in the White House? Not that he has any moderating effect, but he reportedly tries - and for which I’m sure he’ll soon be pushed out. The idea that there are any sane, moderating influences that can keep Trump’s craziness in check is a myth that’s certainly been busted at this point.


The current administration is pure class.


I met him a few times when I was working for State in Kabul, and frequently interacted with senior members of the anti-corruption task force he lead, and while he is indeed very intelligent, he is more “bull in a china shop” than “adult in the room.”