Trump lied about 2018 Mattis resignation, former Chief of Staff John Kelly says

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These are the same people who got us in this mess. And now they are shocked, SHOCKED, that this is happening!





Trump dodders while America burns.


I realize Hitler/Nazi references are cliche but this seriously like Hitler’s staff saying he is bad news AFTER he’s killed the first million or two and remaining silent before.

Where were all these people years ago when it could have altered the trajectory? Oh that’s right, out to save their own asses until they could escape themselves first.


We all know there is a third likelihood. Con-mandant Clementine is outright lying to save face, as he always does.


Yet that scenario still would have been objectively better than the one that actually happened; i.e. Hitler’s staff continuing to publicly support him even after he initiated the Holocaust.

  • It’s good that Mattis is speaking out against Trump. That doesn’t mean I have to like/forgive Mattis.
  • It’s good that Kelly is speaking out against Trump. That doesn’t mean I have to like/forgive Kelly.
  • It’s good that Romney voted to remove Trump. That doesn’t mean I have to like/forgive Romney.
  • It’s good that James Comey spoke out against Trump. That doesn’t mean I have to like/forgive James Comey.
  • It’s good that George W. Bush is speaking out against Trump (albeit indirectly). That doesn’t mean I have to like/forgive George W. Bush.

I don’t just want my political allies to turn on Trump. I want my political adversaries to do so too.


The president has clearly forgotten how it actually happened or is confused.

Trump’s recollection of the event:
photographic memory 2


Trump is a liar and has been for at least forty years. But I’m wondering when the truth about his clear cognitive decline is going to start to be discussed in the media. Given the Reagan precedent, I assume it’ll be the month after he’s out of office that a slew of books will hit the stands talking about how advanced it was his final year in office.


Ooo… Murkowski’s “struggling” with continuing to support Trump

Expect some sternly worded mealymouthing from Snowe and Sasse next.


The provenance of Mattis’ resignation is clear and indisputable: he resigned in disgust after Trump abandoned the Kurds in North Syria. Prior to that, there hadn’t even been a glimmer of displeasure from Trump about Mattis. Mattis was still one of “his generals.”

Trump’s lie is just so dumb. But he’s told much dumber lies, that have been accepted and passed around by his dumb base. So what’s one more?


He has absolutely not forgotten. Everyone who has quit, Trump immediately said he had fired, just as every close associate facing a scandal immediately becomes someone Trump has never heard of.


Kelly is another useless P.O.S.

He had the opportunity to lean on trump, but didn’t do anything.

Another fine example of “service to country first, but only if I can keep that sweet, sweet O-10 retainer pay.”

(A touch pedantical, but not really… When someone serves long enough to leave the U.S. Armed Forces and get paid monthly for their service, they receive Retainer Pay, they don’t receive a “pension.” Because it ain’t a pension).


The other option is that they had a better vantage point to just how on the brink the US was, and were trying to minimize Trump’s damage from inside the administration. Perhaps they worried outright turning on him would send him into the final throes of batshit crazy that would light the match on the powder keg that is American conservatives? They could have been hoping the US would ride it out to January 2021 and then the immediate threat would be past.

And perhaps the reason they’re speaking up now is because the fuse is lit, and Trump’s finally gone off the deep end into full authoritarian Tienanmen Square mode. John Kelley’s still holding his tongue (“forgotten how it actually happened or is confused” - no, fucking say it - he fucking LIED), but Mattis at least is no longer on the sidelines.


Asshole said what…



and you know he will now attempt to find some way to eliminate their pensions and benefits…

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And it’s always an “ex” this or that, or a “former” something or other. They only speak up *after *they’ve left the post, or the party.


Keep in mind that when these former Trump Administration officials speak out against Trump, they’re criticizing the clumsiness of his style, not his actual goals. When they say that Trump doesn’t even try to unite the American people, they’re annoyed that the American people are being roughly shoved off a cliff, rather than marching up to the cliff and jumping off in orderly lockstep.