John Bolton's book, packed with dirt on Trump, is out tomorrow

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The PDF of it was leaked sometime yesterday (not linking to it so don’t ask)


Nice shoop, Rob!


For the curious, the folks over at Wonkette have a pdf copy on an offshore server, and I’ll leave it at that.

But Bolton is a self-serving shitty writer. “That I can tell you.”


“Like when I wanted to discuss nuking Islam.”


I doubt it would be hard to find. I’ve seen a couple of mentions of the leaked PDF on my Twitter feed in the last day. (I didn’t click the links, so I don’t know if they were valid.)


Yes, he’s absolutely a self-serving jerk who well deserves all the criticism being hurled at him by both sides. But I did like his quote in an interview with USA Today asking for a response to all the recent insults that Trump has been giving him:
You know, whoever hired Bolton should get fired.”

Something that we should all be able to agree on!


I think this illustrates something I’ve felt a while: Pompeo is absolutely not a Trump crony. Like Stephen Miller, he’s a Trump manipulator who uses the orange clown to enact horrific right-wing policies. Pompeo is a scary-ass Christian extremist without scruples, and I fear that he’ll one day be the GOP nominee for president.


45 is breaking the law every day. He’s firing specialists in key positions because they won’t play to his narrative. He’s a narcissistic idiot with full-blown dementia.

And BOLTON is the one cashing in on this news?

Screw you, John. I hate that you’re making dollars when you should have been making change.


Technically, if he dies before November, mission accomplished.

Worse than E. L. James? Either way, I won’t be buying/reading this book either. I’ll leave that to others and look for highlights. Bolton can suck shit before I give him a dime.

As for how this will damage Trump in the eyes of his people, it’s won’t. Nothing to this point has, and I propose nothing will. He can eat a baby on 5th avenue and not lose one of their votes.


Counterpoint: broadcast it widely so no one buys the book! The best possible outcome here is that, now that release is imminent, Bolton makes $0 off of sales and is denied future rights for movie/tv and any other subsequent streams and the whole thing is for naught per his calculations. But yeah, that’s neither your dirty work or mine (or BBS’s).

Interestingly, that’s precisely the logic by which murdering cops almost never face indictment. Could there be a connection?


@cannibalpeas Exactly. John Bolton is a horrible human being who has been plaguing this country and our foreign policy for around forty years. He refused to do something basic and patriotic so he could make money off of his experience. If someone was to head over to The Pirate Bay, for example, and download the epub (which has over 700 seeders) or the pdf (which has nearly 500 seeders), you would be doing our country a service. :slight_smile:


I watched the interview he gave on ABC last night.

Important take-aways if you are still a “Conservative Republican” like Bolton or know someone who is:

  1. Trump cares more about re-election and photo ops than what is good for America.

  2. He got played by North Korea and has made the US appear weak. He gave legitimacy to Kim Jong-un, and seemed sincerely flattered by a letter sent by him.

  3. He got played by Putin and has made the US appear weak. He literally played him like a fiddle.

  4. He has serious gaps on his knowledge and no desire to listen or learn to fill those gaps.

  5. We can recover from one term of Trump, but two might be too much.

  6. Bolton will be writing someone in. If we can get more people to stay home or do the same it will wither his base.

  7. He isn’t a Conservative Republican.


  1. Asked the president of China to buy more ag products so he would do will with farmers - who have had their sales destroyed by the tariff game.

The fact that Trump is saying Bolton is breaking the law by revealing classified information is the same as admitting that what’s printed is true. If it were all lies then it wouldn’t be revealing anything classified.



Actually, if he dies before January 21, regardless of who won he’d still be president until he dies. Maybe he finds out he lost but doesn’t have enough time to burn more shit down.

They didn’t do nearly enough to establish order, and what they did do was so transparently self-serving and so publicly dismissive of many of Trump’s very clear goals, (whether worthy or unworthy) that they fed Trump’s already-suspicious mind-set, making it harder for those who came later to have legitimate policy exchanges with the President.

Someone’s angry because his toy Iran war got taken away!

Seriously, he’s basically admitting here that he came in with the purpose of manipulating Trump into fulfilling his agenda. Joke’s on him, Trump’s too stupid to even be manipulated in a consistent way.


I do have sympathy for the journalists whose jobs entail reading the thing to sift it for pertinent information.

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I said it a couple years back: I pity reporters and analysts who MUST cover Team Tramp’s words and deeds. Poor bastards. Or heroes, like at – WE WATCH FOX SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

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