John Hinckley, guy who shot Reagan, is dating and wants to start a band, release music anonymously


If he committed the same crime and was not judged to be insane, how long would he have gotten in jail?

So wait, if Jodie Foster had come out sooner, Reagan may not have gotten shot?

What a world we live in.


Came to make Foster comment, was scooped.

I hope he can play better than he can aim.

has anyone heard the song “Hinckley had a Vision”? probably one of my all time favorite punks songs.


Wait, Hinkley’s dating? Manson got married?

I guess it’s clear what I got to do to attract a woman…


Fixed that for ya


Crazy is in kids, get on board!

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Glad to see a story where someone was treated instead of caged.


They’re all crazy. You just have to find a crazy you can live with.

IIRC, he would’ve been executed 25 or so years ago.

Manson didn’t get married after all. The woman in question just wanted to marry him to get the rights to own his body when he died so she could display his corpse for money.

No, seriously


The Manson marriage never happened. Turns out, the whole thing was part of a crazy scheme that his fiancee had cooked up with her boyfriend, they were going to make money by displaying his body after he died. (Edit: dammit! lost out by seconds!)

And apparently one of the reasons Manson decided to call the wedding off was that he thinks he’s immortal, so her idea is just dumb any way.

As to the OP - what happens if his mom dies tomorrow? She’s 89, she doesn’t have THAT long left, and if he’s only being allowed out if it’s to live at her house, what happens when she’s not there anymore?


Was unaware of Manson thinking he is immortal.

This sounds like it could be a great plot twist for a Neil Gaiman novel.

Huh. Truth is Stranger than Fiction.

I will totally collaborate with him. I’ll drop the sick beats, he can drop the sick lyrics.


One of the saddest things about this ordeal was how the aftermath affected people who committed acts of violence due to mental illness. There was widespread public outcry (no doubt fueled by conservative politicians and commentators of the time) that too many people were “getting off” due to the insanity defense, and as a result laws were changed so that it became almost impossible for people suffering genuine mental illness to avoid criminal sentences. We’ve spent the last generation filling our prisons with people who should be getting professional attention in mental health care facilities.


Hard to say, it’s not clear how he expected that relationship to play out in either case.


While a funny-ha-ha article, another possible outcome of her coming out sooner is that Miss Foster would have been the gunshot victim.