John Hinckley, who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan, will go free


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"Jodie Foster is a lesbian?!!?

She was never going to be in to me. I did all that for nothing?

35 years in prison!! Goddammit!!!"



They’ll be damned sure to be nuking his ass with 100 ml of Thorizen a day, bet on it.


Man, can you imagine job-hunting with his resume?


In a prepared statement, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute said, “Contrary to the judge’s decision, we believe John Hinckley is still a threat to others and we strongly oppose his release.”

What the hell is the mandate of the “Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute” that they have an opinion about this?

Even if they somehow felt a vested interest in Ronald Reagan’s safety, he’s, you know, dead, requiescat in dolor.


Not if you are TEAGOP, Reagan is alive and kicking to them.


Good thing his daddy was a wealthy oil company executive.


Whatever else, such an institute is going to be a place that every reporter on the planet calls for a statement on such a news event. Better to just publish a statement, even if they would have otherwise wished to say nothing.


‘Failing to kill Reagan’ definitely puts him on my ‘No’ pile.


They’ll go for a long acting injectable anti-psychotic. No way they’re going to take a chance on being responsible for non compliance issues.


If he’s being released, then he’s probably been in remission for years by now.


Someone should convince him that she’ll totally turn straight and be all about him if only he did something about Trump.


…Huh. Note that it doesn’t say “presidential candidates.”

I wonder which party pulled the strings to get him released.


Oh don’t be silly. Reagan was far too liberal for the TEAGOP. (OK, so they praise him in name, but not in deed. It’s not like they live in a fact-based universe anyway.)


Driving others to murder aside, Trump doesn’t need to be likened to Saint Regan even more.


I think it’s kind of interesting how Republicans don’t see that as the supreme insult it is to Reagan. I mean, I don’t even like Reagan and I think it’s kind of a low-blow.


I once got a carpet burn on my forehead from that nightmare fuel. The thorazine shuffle ain’t no joke.

Edit: well, it is as in “funny funny” just not “funny funny ha ha”


The did say “others.” Not them or Reagan. “Others.”


Hinckley, July 27, after years in confinement: “I’m finally going to get out…for so long I thought the goalposts would have to move, because I wasn’t sure that I was making progress towards them. But this seems like a clear message that it was me who did the ‘moving’…”

Hinckley, August 27, after weeks of watching Trump press conferences:
“Oh, wait…I get it now.”