John Legend launches campaign against mass incarceration




Kudos to John Legend.
But it’s gonna be hard to wrestle away the income from companies whose business model is to cash in on other families’ suffering – They’re raking it in:


Wow. Respect.


But where will we warehouse those people we don’t like?


John Legand also once stated that “all men should be feminists”.


I wouldn’t have been able to recognize his name or face before today, but that’s gonna change.


As mentioned in the article, check our his Oscar performance - I think this will include his speech, if not, try to find that.


Fuck mandatory minimum sentencing. There should be mandatory maximum sentencing instead. No one should go to prison for more than 30 years.

I was recently excused from jury duty because I literally can’t pronounce anyone guilty of a felony since the three strikes law in California means they could go to prison for life. My conscience won’t allow it.


this was his first big single, back in '05:

it’s pretty great.

also, big up Upski, who first familiarized me with the prison industry:


That’s what they do in lots of the Scandinavian countries (or Norway, at least), but I think their max is 20 years? I’m with you on this. It’s bullshit. Very few people are the same person they were at 20 than they are at 50. But we need a more humane system overall that doesn’t operate for profit and has a more comprehensive rehabilitation component. Make it mandatory to get an education or learn a trade. And when you’re done, you’re done. No more Jean ValJeaning that shit, someone who went to jail and served their time deserves to come out, have their voting right reinstated, and be able to get a job. These are all part of the reason we have such a high recidivism rate, because people get out and have almost no options at all. And it’s even worse when people go in as kids.


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