John Legend stops by The Daily Show to discuss institutionalized racism


Autoplay alert!!


URL non-USAns can watch - full interview:


Why the BEEP do you post videos with Autoplay?


Sorry about that - I didn’t know I was doing that (they don’t autoplay on my browser). I had to google it, it’ll be in all my links from now on.


No time to watch the video. Must complain about autoplay! But seriously, it’s a new format of video that autoplays? I thought I had noscripted all those out of existence. Any hints on what to add to prevent this particular scourge (here and anywhere it appears?)

Edit: watched the video. I’m having a bit of trouble believing that segregated proms are still a thing. As recently as 2013 even. Maybe more recently. It’s just too much.

You are quite magical with technology.

Append a “&autoplay=0” to the YouTube URL - minus the quotes, of course.


How to watch the Daily Show abroad

  • Get Modify Headers add on, Firefox, Chrome

  • Select Action

  • Add

  • Under Header Name type ‘X-Forwarded-For’

  • Use value ‘’

  • Doesn’t require description

  • Remember to turn on the add on

  • Refresh webpage

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