Tally of Obama's lies about the NSA's spying



Is there an alternate link for us nonAmericans?

Is there a reason this video is autoplay? I really hate opening a page with autoplay videos, and typically BB video links do not…

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Faster than me
and not the 1st time happening

As a non-USian and therefore sub-human (in older times “Untermensch”) you have no right to privacy (or life, ask those wedding guests). What makes you think you should be able to watch finest us-american entertainment? Silly foreigner …

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Same thing happens to Americans when we try to watch BBC clips.

I bet if you youtube it you’ll find a few copies that you can play :wink:

I was about to respond but there is someone at the door…

There’s just something horridly, creepily wrong, when Jon Daily and Stephen Colbert do parodies that make more sense than the realities they thought they were making fun of… or when Colbert runs for office as a joke but you really, really want to vote for him because he’s still saner (and much truthier) than the actual candidates?

I mean - even Shakespeare couldn’t pull that off so consistently, and those guys were extraordinarily whacked out!

Man… Tunnelbear. Get it. PC or mobile. Every month you get 500mb free proxy with an additional 1gb if you tweet them.

At least I appreciate the region-specific sorry screen. It also assists the perpetuation of my guilt-free piracy of whatever the fuck I want.

thepiratebay.ac, apparently.

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Who the hell is Jon Daily?

Um, the guy in the video laying out Obama’s lies. ‘The Daily Show’ - he’s Daily.

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That be him. Stop on any one of those takes, and there’s a politician somewhere who modeled it first…lol.

I… I’m not sure I get it.

Get what?

I guess I thought you were making a joke:

Yeah, don’t I wish!

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That’s just the language barrier

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