John McCain's farewell to America

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Interesting choice of words…


Screw McCain. This ignorant warhawk is accountable for hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths. His own death doesn’t wash away all his shameful acts. As a POW he couldn’t even maintain a solid stance against torture. In 2008 he embarked on one of the most racist campaigns in modern history and introduced anti-intellectualism and white-nationalism to the highest stage by naming Palin as his running mate, that decision has direct ties to fucking Donald Trump taking office. Fuck McCain.

“John McCain was a relatively conventional conservative politician whose greatest accomplishment was convincing the public that he was anything but.”


I was hoping for much more, given his feud with Trump.

Maybe he respected his security clearance and there’s a second “Farewell to America” to be read at a later date.

At that point we won’t need it so much.

Seems kind of par for the course for McCain.


He’s earned a grace period, and whatever good does it do to shit on his memory here and now? Did that feel good?

I’m no fan, but jeez, show a little effing respect for a vet, at least.


What a pile of high falutin’ bullshit. Good riddance.


Credit where it is due: I watched McCain’s concession speech live at a theater in Oakland where several thousand of us were celebrating Obama’s victory. It was one of the most dignified and graceful concession speeches I’ve ever seen.

McCain likely would have been disastrous as President, possibly starting war with Iran and who knows what else. But he treated his political adversary with respect and even interrupted and corrected his own supporters when they tried to spread the kind of racist lies about Obama’s birthplace and religion that Trump would later embrace.


Yet another bit of empirical “evidence” for my theory that McCain actively wanted to lose that election, after the part where he conceded before CA’s polls had even closed.


It was also announced that President Trump will not be attending McCain’s funeral at Washington National Cathedral on Saturday.

What’s the over/under on him playing golf at the time of the service?


Yes, everyone who heals poor sick little kittens and puppies deserves our utmost respect.
(see my posts in the other McCain thread).

Sorry… they’re not historical documents. It’s a TV show.

We are citizens of the world’s greatest republic, a nation of ideals, not blood and soil.

That is nice.

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Maybe? It seems weird if he’d run twice for a job he didn’t even really want though.

I honestly think that by the time he was actually in a viable position to get the party nomination, the country had already gone to shit and he was too long in the tooth to want to deal with it.

I dunno. Who knows what’s going on in someone else’s mind. Maybe he thought he wanted it but subconsciously sabotaged himself with the Palin pick. Or maybe he always had the wrong temperament for the job and the campaign just revealed it. I guess it will always be speculation now.

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Haven’t you learned? Shitting on things is a major function of internet comment threads. It’s why they exist. Since McCain didn’t always live up to his ideals (which of course we always do) we may poop on his expression of them. We especially hate it when someone we hate might be right about something.


Ya, my ideals: don’t lie to push your war agenda to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians.


So, other than McCain saying it, what do you think is wrong in the text of the letter?

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Heck Obama was much more of a hawk than most democrats wanted or even expected. But moreso than any other recent president he seemed aware and respectful of the human and other costs of war.

Yes McCain was horribly hawkish. But his torture stance embodied his awareness of the costs of war and the need to limit them.

Yes he was a charmer, and sometimes got by on it. But he used that goodwill to be able to do unpopular things (to his party machine) like saving Obamacare.

Although I disagreed with his decisions often, I never doubted his sincerity. That is an amazing feat today.

I will remember him as the guy who got me a few more years of insurance before preexisting conditions make health insurance completely unfeasible for me.


Glorification of the major force behind global divide and armed conflict, proponent of extreme economic inequality and environmental dectruction, merciless bully and manipulator of any suitable and opportune victim at any given time regardless of international law and regulation as some kind of beacon of freedom and righteousness? Just spitballing here.

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Modern American white supremacists talk about blood and soil.

More generally, it occurred to me that the idea that only folk from the “Heartland” can be “real Americans” is a watered-down version of blood and soil.