John Oliver commissions Helen Mirren to narrate an audiobook of the CIA Torture Report

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Isnt the report like 600 pages long?

I’d imagined they just got Mirren to read a couple of choice bits for the show.

If a real audiobook of the full report is released, it will probably be DRM encumbered.

No, it’ll have a lot of dead air.

/ y’know, where it’s been censored.


His show might be the absolute best thing on TV when it comes to distilling down the news events that they cover.
The “news” has been a lost cause for a long time on TV (CNN, MSNBC, Fox, local channels, etc…) so it’s a given that he’d be better than them.
But he’s better than everyone covering anything with any media.


John studied at the foot of The Master, Jon Stewart. I really enjoyed when John Oliver subbed for Jon Stewart. Good times. It remains to be seen if ColberT is going to be funny or topical (he’s super smart and has a great team of writers, or at least did when he was on CC, so I bet it’s good, Larry Wilmore is pretty damn good too). Wish Oliver would be an hour long! His main topics are hilarious and informative.

What does it say about The News that this guy is doing it better than the big networks? A laugh, a shake of the head, an incredulous expression and some actual journalism.


I love Jon Stewart and have watched pretty much every episode for the last decade or so and I’m sad that he’s leaving.
Oliver did (real) outrage over topics better, though when he subbed, and continues it on his new show for sure.
What this all says about corporate media is that they do not care to actually cover a topic in any meaningful way…

When a supreme court justice cites a fictional TV show for his legal opinion, I have to give the bad guys some credit: proaganda works! It’s the same kind of stuff I saw with Battlestar Galactica, and what I expect to see happening with Game of Thrones and House of Cards. As much as we enjoy watching this stuff, it’s telling us some really bad, untrue things about ourselves.

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Sounds like something a Cylon would say…

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Mind you, Oliver has been doing this at the Bugle years before he joined the Daily Show.

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