John Oliver on racism and the Syrian refugee crisis


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Seems to be…something…in my eye…


Weaponized Bathos is the name of my next experimental dubstep Tool tribute band.


Holy smoke! That was 10 times the usual awesomeness!


My local Liberal candidate in the federal (Canadian) election is named John Oliver. It’s just too delicious.


A tweet from the Queen inviting Noujain to Buckingham would go a long way in modulating the emotional response to refugees and immigrants. Isn’t that what leaders do? Isn’t that about the only thing figureheads should do?


Fucking geo locked content. I found this but does anyone have the full thing? Oh, and fuck geo locked content.


Oliver, killing it, as usual. And FOX, really? I mean, you went so far as to write copy about how your news story wasn’t racist with a film that was five years old? Just as Oliver’s working way above the standard, you’re clearly holding down the shit end of the stick standard.


I think this was another example of “let’s write the narrative first and then find the footage to support it.”


Have you tried a VPN? No? Well if you need a good one (albeit expensive) I reccome… hold on a second, you could just get one from the BB store at an incredible discount.

John Oliver: why do we only talk about mental health after mass-shootings?


Too much? Too soon?



Or, “Why tell a nuanced, informative, factual story about international immigration when you can simply demonize brown people instead?”


UK friendly link:


I use zenmate, it works for those pesky ones. A bit on the popup side, but still, better than not watching the thing.


Ahhh good old daily motion, i always forget about it. Thank you! :relaxed:

WELL worth a watch.


You don’t say! The modify headers add-on only gets you so far…


Even NPR is widely using the term “migrant”. These people are desparate refugees fleeing terrifying violence. We should do everything, spend anything, to help and protect them. I’m giving to HIAS, others might consider it:

Also: I wasn’t aware of the term bathos, BoingBoing taught me something today! On the subject of types of humor, is there a name for Oliver’s jokes wherein he lectures an imaginary person by name? Just curious if there’s a term for that type of humor.


That was full of win. Damn…