John Roach, busted for stealing from pot dispensary, has perfect last name



click here to find out his one weird trick!


dizzy, You gotta be crazy on acid to think a joint looks like a goddamn cockroach.


That looks like the medical marijuana which I misplaced just last week. Please have the photographer send it back immediately as my back is acting up and I really need it. Here is my address;

1 Big Fat Liar Street
Just Fine City, This State, 01010

Thanks so much.


True story: John Roach was the CEO of Radio Shack when I worked there, back in my starving student years.
I remember his name well because when customers refused to provide their always-required names and addresses, I would wait until after they left and fill out the receipt with Mr. Roaches’ address at company HQ in Texas.


Clearly he’d be better served to live in Tokeland, WA. :grinning:



John D. Herbthief


I was actually just looking at this post and trying to figure out what, to me, made it such a perfect example of clickbait.

My answer is, the link entices the user to click purely to generate another page load. There was nothing to prevent Pescovitz from including the name in the front-page blurb, yet it was hidden behind the link. Contrast this with, say, “Women react to really weird old sex advice throughout history,” where the content of the post could not reasonably be included in the post.
Or the much more informative blurb by Pescovitz himself, on an earlier post, “Mysterious dead creature found near the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant.”


Personally, I was expecting a “Bogart,” myself.


All I want to know was the Sheriff’s name D. Mann ?



Did the title edit somehow change the category to dizzy?


We can’t create Boing categories, so when they get edited they move. See all the times people have fixed typos.

I wonder how long it would take to get banned if you started moving all the Boing threads into the Lounge?


Suicide by moderator.


He is just covering for his brother…Jones.

Jones D. Roach


Where I live we have a psychiatrist who works in additions called Dr Stoner. Can’t get better than that.


Or Toquerville, Utah.

(We make the same old jokes every time we pass through there on the way to Vegas)


That was my favourite Beatles’ song.


I clicked not to find the man’s name, but simply because I wanted to check out the clickbait conversation.


I was really hoping that his name was something like Mr Jerry Hahamadeyouclickyouturd


Came here to post “Bogart”, you win the like.

Though my first reaction was “Jack D. Joint” would have been better than John.