JOHN WILCOCK: Paul Krassner and the Birth of the Political Prankster Group, YIPPIE!

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I was there for the actual Yippie Day at Disneyland!



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Another fun one.

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Haha, actually Disneyland did not close, and not that many “Yippies” came inside. I was not working that day but came in anyway (against orders) b/c I was curious. I missed any drama at the Main Gate (a co-worker gave me some details) and once inside it was mostly a non-event. I got some (mostly boring/inconsequential) pics.

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Man, what a great experience, Melted. I appreciate that!

Here’s some photos I see from the day there:

All of these (newspaper clippings included) come from this listing:

(Disneyland, 1970) An incredible archive of “Yippie Day” at Disneyland. On August 6, 1970, Disneyland was taken over by “Yippies”, an extension of the anti-Vietnam movement known for their political activism.

The “Yippies” raised marijuana flags on Main Street, climbed the masts of Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship, and took over “Tom Sawyer Island”. The spectacle caused Disney to have SWAT Police at the park to protect their regular guests and employees. This day marked the first time in Disneyland history that the park had to close early.

They took over Tom Sawyer Island and flew pot flags on Main Street!

Ha, what a funny moment.

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