Johnny Knoxville on every injury in his career




I grew out of that sometime around the 29th April and the 1st May 1994. I can watch stunts and races, but I never want to see crashes.


I only watch crash videos that say, “… and they walked away unscathed.”


He jokes around about it, but that motorcycle-to-the-crotch accident did serious damage and tore his urethra. In this interview, as breezily as ever, Johnny Knoxville talks about how his penis basically doesn’t work anymore and how he’s had to use a catheter for years afterwards. The dude suffers hard for our amusement. (and for the record, some of the funniest and some of the most horrifying, gag-inducing things I’ve seen on screen were in the Jackass movies).


It’s ok, because the guy is more or less a masochist; he’ll just get off the usual way. By jumping stuff and landing badly.



the funny part here?

i club-level (sanctioned and on a closed course trak) roadrace motorccles since 1985. i regularly ride off road bikes ive auto crossed and drag raced cars (on track not street)

and i’m typing this from bed in phys rehab facility. cause 3 weeks ago, a suv driver on the cell phone lane changed and broke my tibea plateau and all 4 ligaments in my left knee.

don’t drive distracted folks!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Really surprising that Action Point caused the most injuries. Because it was a scripted ‘dramatic’ movie, it didn’t have the feel of real danger. I just assumed they were using CGI or whatever movie magic. And it was a sort of lame movie.

For me watching people get injured is a purely voyeuristic activity. I just don’t understand people who get inspired to do it themselves.


The greatest stuntman to ever live.


Uhhh…yeah, I’ve got that gene. At least, i’m pretty sure it’s a gene. There’s definitely a wide, well-defined line between those who see someone do a stunt and immediately yell, “ME! ME! MY TURN!” and those who stare open-mouthed with horror.

We sniff each other out at the first meeting. Maybe it’s a pheromone.

Raccoon climbs up side of skyscraper as world watches with bated breath, then is captured and released to wild

This. So much this. I don’t know what it is, but I’m always sizing up people I meet to figure this out. You and cstatman have the scent on this thread…


Yeah, gotta love Super Dave!

Here’s some trivia for you: Super Dave’s real name is Bob Einstein.

Bonus trivia: His brother is Albert Brooks.

Bonus bonus trivia: “Brooks” is a stage name. Therefore Albert Brooks’ real name is… Albert Einstein. Totally true! Check Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.


Did not nail cock to board. Amateur.


I assume he is now unable to have children.

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