Watch the best news bloopers of 2015!


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I’m trying to eat breakfast.



Quite the unitasker you got there.


As my shop teachers always said: “The right tool for the right job”.


I forgot about the best part of the holidays! Thanks for sharing.


I don’t normally like to break balls, but in this case, I think an exception could be made.


Ok god what sort of injury did that woman doing a split sustain? That made me kind of queasy actually.


OKOkokay, the person with the shaved (?) mono brow and green ponytail…?
Nevermind, I will watch again…


So. . . lemme get this straight. . . the white-guy-who-isn’t-Steve-Doocy on Fox And Friends (whatever his damn name is, like I care), randomly and and for no apparent reason, asks a black woman if she “makes Kool Aid”?

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