Join me at Politicon 2016, 'The Coachella of Politics' —Xeni

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Paying money to Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter.

Hmm. It’s tempting, but…


That looks incredible! Totally off the rails in the best possible way.

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Treating politics as entertainment is exactly how you ended up with ‘politicians’ like Donald Trump. Don’t encourage it.


I won’t buy the “Coachella for Politics” ad copy until I see mostly- or entirely-naked people on acid.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it is kinda gross…


My interpretation to the title of this article was that I was being asked if I wanted to go into a den of a bunch of silver-tongue snakes. However, after reading the article, some of the sessions listed are on subjects I find to be important too.

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I’m afraid that ship has sailed. In fact I’m pretty sure it sailed about five minutes after Aristotle published Politics.


This is more like the Worldcon (or maybe Westercon?) of Political Fandom than the Coachella of anything.

Dinesh D’Souza vs. Cenk Uygur?

Only if it’s mud wrestling.

I’m in Pasadena, I’m interested in politics, and I’ve nothing planned next weekend. Even so: I’d never pay money to support this abomination. As others have said: it’s politics as entertainment, involving the legitimization of grifters and frauds, not to mention the sincerely execrable (and then there’s those who manage to be all three - what would I pay to see Dinesh D’Souza opine? Would would I pay not to see that?).

Sure, some of the people involved are great - but the overall endeavor is unworthy.


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