Jon Batiste Lindy Hops his way through new single, "I Need You"

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If you ever get the chance to go to a live taping of any of the late night shows with a band, I heartily recommend it. You never see half of the music on TV and the bands sparkle with talent.


The classic clip that inspired the dancers in this video is Hellzapoppin’.

Lindy Hop has been a thriving international activity since the 90’s, and it’s quite different today, but that’s where it all started.


Here is some Chicago Lindy Hop Social Dancing from the early 2000s. Enjoy!

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I know the lindy hop choreographers Mikey Pedroza and Nikki Marvin. According to them, the crew was awesome about making sure everyone involved was safe and protected from COVID during the preparations and shooting.

Apparently all the dancers besides Nikki and Mikey had little to no lindy hop experience prior to the video! Really incredible how quickly they picked it up.


Very cool.


Jon Batiste Lindy Hops his way through new single, “I Need You”

Does he though? There’s a bunch of dancing going on, but he’s not doing much of it.

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Can you make music or dance?


Yes to the latter, marginally to the former. I wasn’t really having a go at him, more the title of the article.

He’s dancing, but he’s not dancing Lindy Hop. The juxtaposition with the other dancers is kind of awkward.

That’s a very interesting comparison and thanks for the Hellzapoppin clip.

Although both videos were extremely hetero-normative, men literally throwing women around, the 1941 clip seems subversive in that a big part of the dance is the women’s reaction to masculine energy and they are very much part of the dance in dialogue.

At 1:11 in Hellzapoppin a woman picks a man up and throws him around and from there on in the tables are turned… a wonderful confusing choreographed play on patriarchal norms where the women were always up front and literally were up front at the end on the stage.

Just caught this today, what a breath of fresh air. Loved the different music styles he fused in this and the overall happy, buoyant energy.

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