Jordan Klepper talks to Iowans who REALLY believe Trump won

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Not meant as a hijack. I’m trying to say that people will continue to believe and think whatever the hell they want.


The image from the video has a guy wearing a “Q” hat. . .

If you’re going to still believe an anonymous internet person (or dog) who was never correct about a single thing, ever then why not believe Trump won?

Hell, why not believe diarrhea is delicious chocolate mousse as well?


Oh, the humanity!

So the “silent majority” now wanders the streets talking to themselves about how the lizard people are running the world? Has anyone checked whether Monsanto engineered the corn to grow 5G mind-control transmitters?


…he has an amazing ability to let conservatives embarrass themselves.

I don’t think these folks are capable of embarrassing themselves.


I saw a lot of Nazis, a huge boat load of fucking Nazis.


A lot of the original historical Nazis apparently believed that Germany actually won World War I and that the only reason reality didn’t reflect that was because of a conspiracy, so yeah.

edit: replaced “og” with “original historical” because “og” has a positive connotation and nothing positive should be associated with Nazis.


Nothing to see here, move along

Please keep it that way. We don’t want any of it.


An interesting experiment would be see how many of these impassioned rally attendees actually voted last election.

I bet it is way lower than you would think. Voting isn’t fun in the same way going to rallies is.


All these doofuses smiling and laughing. The reality filter has selected them into a sandbox where there is no opposition.


trying and failing to comprehend how that guy that says that 45 is still president, flying around on Air Force 1, running the country right now – but then somehow isn’t the president responsible for pulling out of Afghanistan – even functions in the rest of his life. it’s so sad.


DUNNING-KRUEGER!!! :flushed:

Really? It looks painfully easy to exhibit 100% cognitive dissonance - just damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead on whatever craziness you wish to carry around on your shoulder. Logic can be gleefully brushed aside - just ask Torquemada.

The real question is why we allow him and others like him equal decisionmaking authority. I am definitely coming around to the robotic overlords.

All this is bordering to a clinical psychological disorder.

Especially these rally folks make me think, this is not a ‘political’ topic but educational and healthcare issue.

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