Jordan Klepper talks to the pathetic few who showed up for Trump

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Please sir, may Canada have a link?
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Hello Fellow Canadian

Use Opera browser with it’s built-in VPN set to the US (or wherever you are getting geo-blocked).

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I did not know that about Opera, thank you for the info.
I use firefox, with a VPN from my antivirus, which seems to work fine on these kind of links.
But your info gives me options, so again, ta.


Holy shnanadoodoo! Blocks adverts and play american videos? Thank you kind sir/madame/hyper-intelligent-shade-of-blue.

It will be my Boing Boing Browser from now on.


It was pretty interesting seeing Klepper get involved with an unconscious Gish Gallop response, with the gentleman in the hat.

Rather than getting tied down in any specific admission that Trump might have lost, or might not be president, or any other related basic fact that might look bad for Trump, the hatted gentleman went further and further towards conspiracy land. But only when pressed. When not pressed, he stayed with vague statements that left some tiny wiggle room that he could be rational - while still largely not being rational.

Basically, retreating further back into irrationality as an emotional defense against committing to any positions that he could be pinned down to, and thus “lose”. At least, that’s my sleepy just-caffeinated armchair impression.

It’s a tough call whether this was more about love for Trump or just contrariness towards anyone outside Trump.

People using their potential human cleverness for rationalizing rather than rationality, in a very concise example.


For some reason this reminded me of an old Darkwing Duck episode about a planet where everyone except one guy has superpowers so all the heroes are constantly vying for an opportunity to save him.


I would have loved to asked:
“Do you know of other fellow protesters that wanted to attend, but were unable to?”

(I would omit asking specifically if they weren’t unable to attend due to their involvement in the January 6th event, or on the advice of their attorneys, because I believe his answer would tell “more than intended” without further prompting.)


“So, this is a case about a guy who cheated on his wife with a porn star, while the wife was at home with their newborn son, and you’re upset about his lawyer confessing to the crime. LOYALTY is your issue here, right?” lol


Comedy Network has finally gotten off it’s chair and started posting their own Canadian links. It’s very new.


Comedy Network? Oh yeah. I forgot they existed.


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