Jordan Peele's fourth movie is on the way

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Is it wrong that I’m more excited for Sonic 3 than Avatar 3?

I’m definitely looking forward to his next movie, whatever genre it is (his horror movies straddling genres in interesting ways already).

I finally saw Nope a while ago and I’m still thinking about it all the time. Peele’s movies consistently stay with me in ways that few movies do - they’re powerful and there’s so much going on in them, conceptually. I guess some people saw that as a flaw in Nope, but I can’t really imagine it not covering all those subjects - flying saucers, Westerns, Hollywood (and its exploitation and racism, the tension between crass commerce and art)… is there anyone working in horror movies right now making smarter, more interesting films than Jordan Peele?


I suspect that you already know the answer to that one. :wink:

Just noticed it on Amazon, so my plans for tonight are set. Looking forward to his fourth movie, too!

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I’m tempted to watch it again, but I might have to wait a bit more - I still clearly remember every bit of it, right now. Although it might be nice to not watch it as a movie, but just rewatch the individual scenes on their own, over time…


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Nope was close to perfect. Get Out and Us were amazing in their own right but Nope felt like something new and different while still acknowledging the history of horror and sci-fi. I can’t wait for the next one.


Yeah, I only had one quibble. The argument over leaving the house made no sense to me.
Outbuildings were intact and horses inside remained uneaten. If that creature would have to eat or destroy an attic and two stories of a house to reach me, I’d call for help and hope to escape in an armored vehicle.

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