Jordan Peterson threatened to sue woman who called his book sexist

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Uh - sure. Good luck with that Jordo.

Christ - what an asshole.


Your book is sexist- I await a notice of service from your attorney. He’ll be busy. BTW - you chose to be a public figure.


Jordan Peterson you say?




My lawyers, Hadaway and Shiteman, already have a letter ready to send out in reply to him.


Christ, what an arsehole.


I wish Peterson were on the way out… unfortunately, here in Ontario (where he currently resides) our new conservative government is looking to support him and his ilk by denying universities and colleges funding should they limit his freedom of speech on campus.

Just to be clear, this isn’t really about freedom of speech.


Someone hurt his fee-fees and he wants them to shut up. Isn’t that political correctness(*)?

(*) What he imagines political correctness to be anyway.


When a woman does it to a man, its PC thuggery and attempted censorship. When a man criticises a woman, it’s just him applying a bit of clarifying reason to the poor irrational lady’s views (or lending her his indispensable authority if she’s confirming her place in the patriarchy).


Why is so much oxygen devoted to this crackpot?


Idiotic (I know, what else to expect from the Ford family). There is a perfectly good free speech policy already in place: academic tenure, which I believe Peterson has at the University of Toronto. He can spout his misogynist garbage in his classroom and research whatever nonsense he likes as long as it’s related to his discipline (universities give tenured profs a lot of latitude in this regard).

That doesn’t oblige other schools to allow him to spout his sexist theories, nor does it prevent his own school from firing him for cause.


Garbage pieces such as this one have ruined fedoras for the rest of us.


Superficies, Rob? Fun archaic word to resurrect; had to actually look it up.

I can’t read it without thinking “super fishies”, though.


I’ve heard that the font is homophobic, too.


To the outside yeah. But this is a normal position for alt-right knobs. They quite explicitly don’t believe in free speach. And the “intelectual” end Peterson belongs to often argues in their “academic” writing that its incompatible with freedom (as is democracy) and should be revoked, attacked or limited.

And the cognative disonance on this is real. The other day I swung by r/thedonald to see what their reaction was to Manafort flipping. They weren’t talking about it. But one of the top threads was something like “will slander laws be strengthened” with a lengthy discussion that advocated for limiting freedom of speech and the press. Combined freely with paranoid claims about how the left and facebook are “censoring” conservative speech. With no apparent understanding or reference to the conflict.

This is normal. The public stomping about free speech is just spin to avoid criticism. Complaint that others use their freedoms to disagree with these nards. Likewise their open antagonism to free press and free speech is an attempt to silence criticism. And little more. They roll with “oh my god, my freedoms!” publicly because it gives them the veneer of a principaled stand. Its the “I’m not racist, I just think the races should be kept seperate” for fascist opposition to base freedoms. The insanely broad definition of free speech they adopt isn’t at odds with open attempts to damage free speech. Because at base its disingenuous.

I’m willing to bet Peterson and his followers view this as some sort of test case. That the latest “genius” on the right who libs just can’t counter (read: smug idiot). Is going to win out this case with Logic and Reason ™. And libs will be owned without their free speech.

The reality is anti-slapp statutes and Striesand Effects.


I don’t think the discipline of psychology as a whole takes “Jungian Psychology” all that seriously anymore.


I have a friend who I recently found out is a fan of Peterson, I’m not sure what to say to him when he starts on his rants except “all your gripes seem really self-centered and childish.”

Anyway, the fact that Peterson and his daughter are on some crusade promoting an “all beef diet” might be the single weirdest thing about him. I’m wondering if they’ll get sued when people start coming down with scurvy.


I don’t recall anyone getting sued for their stupid fad diets, unless they tied it to their own quack product.


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