Judge dismisses the manslaughter charges against prison warden and five staffers who let inmate starve to death in solitary confinement

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and, they get away with it (including murder and in this case manslaughter, allegedly (cough/wink))

this timeline is dark and full of errors


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We are all “doomed to die”. The actions or inactions of others to accelerate that outcome are a crime, however. This sets a horrific precedent that I am certain will be followed gleefully by sadistic QOP death cultists in positions of authority. Absolutely disgraceful.


Seems like “won’t” to me.
Fucking assholes.


The (not) funny thing is I was just reading another article this morning about the insane level of car theft happening in Oakland, CA, right now (over 10,000 cars stolen this year), and the Back the Blue types are filling the comments up with angry lamentations about how this is what you get when you go soft on crime, and everybody should be denied bail even if they’re arrested for a non-violent offense, etc. But I suspect those people would be fine with this, so once again, we’re basically screwed. As a species.

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Four of the six were registered nurses? They should be struck off, STAT!

former MDOC registered nurses

But what does this mean? They are former nurses? They are former MDOC employees but still registered nurses? WTF is an ‘MDOC registered nurse’ anyway - does it necessitate any of the standard medical nurse training? Do those three words mean ‘not a nurse as you understand it but registered by the MDOC as a nurse’?

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“Nebel pointed to holes in Michigan Department of Corrections policies, which he said may have since been corrected, that he said contributed to a “perfect storm” and Lancaster’s death.”

I don’t understand this. Is the judge saying that as long as MDOC follows their policies, they can’t be held liable for anything? We also see this a lot when police are on trial – there is always discussion about whether they followed department policies. What if the policies are horrible?


Because of course he was: Judge sentenced for driving 100 mph while impaired - Sault Ste. Marie News


If this deceased man was this mentally ill then why were they in prison? They should’ve been in appropriate facility, and even if this wasn’t possible they could have still asked for him to receive medical treatment or check up when he stopped eating even a few days in solitary. Everything about this just reinforces the cruelty of not just prison but solitary confinement. It’s condoned torture, and in this instance, a condoned execution/murder.


Because in most parts of the country, jail is one of the few places that the mentally ill can get any sort of support or shelter. Because our health care system is beyond fucked…


From reading the article it sounds like the judge is basically saying that it can’t be proven that the death would not have happened without their actions–the guy had quit eating and drinking on his own. Thus it can’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

50 pounds in 15 days says something is seriously wrong–you don’t lose weight that fast by simply not eating.


If only there was a profession that specialized in figuring out what things go seriously wrong with the human body. They could have provided access to a member of that profession rather than strapping him down. Seems like that’d be a pretty high status job. I’m surprised it doesn’t exist.

/s Not providing appropriate care to someone under your direct control is a crime.


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