Judge orders Georgia prosecution of Trump and his co-conspirators to be televised

OJ didn’t have to testify, didn’t say a single word during his trial. Trump won’t get to cruise through like that.

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For high profile cases with no cameras, they have courtroom sketch artists:


It’s been a while, but I just want to give a shout-out and a big thanks to all you who voted for Biden in 2020. Without you all none of this would be possible! :hugs:


Courthouse? All of Atlanta.

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This isn’t 1865, my friend… what we NEED is a new jail for Fulton. Much of the city is fine, tho. In fact, I’m a little bored with all our shit getting torn down and rebuilt. Let’s keep most of what we have, and just get us a new jail, thanks…


Trump seems to have no legitimate defense

OK, but at the risk of being a downer… isn’t this going to be a jury trial? Because you only think he has no legitimate defence because you have two brain cells to rub together. It is very much unclear to me how one would go about assembling a group of 12 “random” Americans – even in a place as full of Wokes as Atlanta – without ending up with at least one who is convinced to their core that Donald Trump is the legitimate winner of the 2020 election and the victim of an elaborate scheme of political persecution. It seems to be a horrifyingly popular delusion. All this doe-eyed optimism about Trump finally being held to account for his crimes just because he’s so patently obviously guilty of them frankly reminds me of my optimism that Hillary was a shoe-in after Trump got the Republican nomination: woefully misplaced, and putting far too much faith in the intelligence and decency of the average American conservative.

Or have we just collectively agreed not to worry about this out loud? :zipper_mouth_face:

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Yep. Just saying:

I’m partial to No 1 in this case.


What? Are you saying that people who believe he has no defense are stupid? Not sure what you’re trying to get at here?

What does that mean? They should look for jurors who are going to take their job seriously, not for “wokes”… This is a court of law, not an election. Plenty of people on the left and right are capable of that.

Not even all Trump VOTERS believe the big lie… yes, his hardcore supporters do believe he won. But it’s not as many people as he would have us believe. They are nowhere near the majority of even Republicans.

First off… people were saying he would never be indicted. And then he was, four times now. None of us are “doe eyed” but many of us are glad we’ve gotten this far, and are happy to see that there are some serious people with great track records pursuing these cases. Yeah, he may get off, but just what we’ve seen in the public domain with regards to both the Fulton and the Federal case is encouraging. Trump and his gang of miscreants were dumb enough to do so much of their criming in public, that there is enough evidence there to convict them beyond a reasonable doubt in both cases. I imagine that both Willis and Smith worked hard to make their cases iron-clad with the stuff we have not seen.

As for Hilary… Yeah, I guess we’re the REAL assholes for hoping that maybe we lived in an age where women were finally gaining the respect we deserved and that being a woman would not be a hindrance on getting elected President. How DARE we have a little bit of hope… what losers, what dupes… :roll_eyes:

Not all Americans are conservative, and I don’t think anyone was expected most Republicans to vote for her. The problem was the “independents”, especially men, who had a fucking meltdown when they did not get their guy into the democratic nomination and petulantly voted for an out and out racist and misogynist to “punish” the Democrats for not giving them exactly what they wanted…

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He can’t be compelled to testify at his own trial. No defendant can be forced to take the stand in a US court of law unless they’ve already decided to testify in their own defense. So Trump could theoretically choose not to take the stand, just like OJ did, but we all know that it would be very difficult for him to not take that opportunity to grandstand in front of the cameras.


In this world we’re livin’ in, we have our share of sorrow
Answer now is don’t give in aim for a new tomorrow

Not gonna focus on downers right now. Many thought this trial would never happen. Let’s see how it goes.


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I’m really over the whole cynical realist pose. Why the fuck should we give in to these assholes when we can keep moving forward, fight them, and push for something better… If people want to give up and roll over for the fascist, that’s on them, but I really resent being shamed for having hope right now.


… there is no point “worrying” about events that are out of our control

Trump is out of office and facing dozens of criminal charges — isn’t that what we wanted?


i wanted a rewrite of the timeline, but does anyone listen to me? sigh a trial it is


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Not at all, I’m saying he plainly has no defence, but there’s no shortage of people who believe otherwise. He doesn’t need a majority of voters to be credulous dopes, just 1 in 12. And my use of “wokes” was in reference to Trump’s drumbeat of criticism / victimhood about the jurisdictions he’s been indicted in.

Anyway, the consensus of replies seems to be: we’re happy he’s going to trial (yes!), we’re hopeful this attention to his misdeeds will erode some of his support (fingers crossed!), and no, we don’t want to listen to negative nellies like me fretting about how easily he can squirm out of justices via mistrials (okay, sorry!)

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Right on! If you’re too downtrodden to hope then you have no damned chance of trying.

And in this particular case, there is more reason to hope now then there was last year…


Just FYI, none of that was clear from your post. :woman_shrugging: it very much came off as dismissing our hopes for a good outcome here. I (and many of us) are a little sick of that whole cynical line that just accepts the attempted fascist takeover as a fait accompli. It is not. Things are still playing out and we still have a chance. Nothing is lost yet, even if the forces seeking to take over are still at work. We don’t win by giving up and letting them win. We win by keeping on keeping on.

Once again, plenty of people denied we’d get this far. I’m not saying that “we got him”… I am saying that we need to see how this plays out rather than just assume he’s already won. Yes, jury nullification is a possibility, but so is a conviction.


I mean at this point since the subject of the trial is involved in conspiracies to overthrow and subvert the justice system I think we can assume all the involved working members of that justice system are going to do their best and will be anticipating these possibilities.

At the very least I trust the prosecution’s due diligence in jury selection etc…


If Trump or his legal team thought it would be “easy” to squirm out of accountability in this forum they wouldn’t be trying so hard to get the case moved to a Federal court where Trump believes he could pardon himself, or at least get a pardon from some future Republican President.

A defendant convinced that they will prevail in court doesn’t build their defense strategy around pardons.


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