Judge Reinhold arrested at Dallas airport for refusing a second TSA screening


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I’m sure he’ll land on his feet after serving some hard time… I hear he’s got a job waiting for him up in Jersey!


I’m calling Bull…


Don’t Judge


What is it with uppity white people, insisting on special, preferential treatment everywhere they go? It’s almost as if they haven’t been paying attention to the way the world really works…


Wait… what’s Night Court got to do with Judge Reinhold?

Also, liked for Bull!


Hey man, you play whatever cards you have in your hand when the TSA is about to find the half ounce of weed in your shorts.


Disorderly Conduct = didn’t bow down to authoritah quickly enough

Seriously, is there a more overused charge? It seems like it covers any and all behavior that the cop doesn’t like at that moment in time.


Only if your melanin count is sufficiently low. More highly-pigmented people are subject to a charge of resisting arrest, which is punishable by summary execution.


the TSA…pretty sure their powers will be expanded under Drumpf. I wonder how much money the airlines can lose before they tell the TSA to piss off?


I was trying to recall what this judge is known for and what controversial decisions he’s made that would make this story good fodder for BB and then the thumbnail finished loading. Oh…


I, too, made the Night Court association at first when I heard of this story. 80’s actor… Judge… it works.

(When I saw a picture of him I figured it out.)


Ah… Maybe you guys are confusing Judge Reinhold with Harry Anderson (or maybe not, since you said you realized when you saw him)? But I guess I can see that!



Judge, Actor, Turns Down Part in Security Theater



"Get off my case, TSA motherfucker!"


On Night Court, Dan Fielding’s real first name was Reinhold, but he wasn’t the judge.


BONUS - Hung Jury, with William Hung!


I heard Trump was considering him for the Supreme Court, but it was a toss-up between Judge Reinhold and Judge Judy.