Judge tells jury to acquit accused sex trafficker because God said she's innocent

That’s what I thought. Delirium is serious and it really happens to people. On it’s face the story sounds like someone acting in a very bizarre manner. If I were on the discipline board, I’d want to hear if this behaviour was actually aberrant or if it was just pushing it a little further than their normal. That is, is severe impairment a plausible explanation, or was this judge always a raging idiot?



Well, Jesus was English on his father’s side.


Wait, what? Or did I misunderstand your bullet point?

In this case:

36-year-old Julio Jimenez-Ramirez and 31-year-old Gloria Romero Perez face human trafficking charges, a first degree felony, after authorities say the two created a contract to sell a teenaged girl.


How many more millennia is this episode expected to last?


But it’s all right now. In fact it’s a gas.

Are you referring to “sex work” as in prostitution, or “sex trafficking” as in trafficking humans for purposes of sex slavery? Because those are way different things.


Here’s the thing. I’ll allow it. I am perfectly fine with anyone for any reason saying “god told me XYZ is what he wants”.

BUT…I need corroborating evidence. I need an audio/ video recording of God saying this. I need analysts to confirm that it is God’s voice print and/or God in said video. He needs at least 3 forms of identification. I need God sworn in & under oath to testify in court He said it was ok. I need God to take a lie detector test. And I even would appreciate at least a couple character witness to provide proof that God is trust worthy.

Here’s a fictional example:

I meant sex work, not sex slavery.


This case is definitely about the latter. The woman on trial is charged with selling her 15-year-old niece into sexual slavery. “Sex trafficking” usually refers to “human trafficking for sexual exploitation,” not “consenting adults engaging in sex work.”


I’ll edit the original comment on Monday, when I’m back at work.


There are some good bits. Mostly the parts where Jesus goes all proto-anti-capitalist and Peter founds an anarchist commune.

I suppose it’s the same as all self help books though, some good stuff with a load of unneccessary bad stuff around it.


God told me that judge is an idiot.


a la George Burns: “So help me me.”

My first thought was it sounded like a polite way to say he was intoxicated without admitting it. “Something something medical condition, brief delirium, nothing to see now! Not like my judgment might be impaired or anything!”

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Oh he’s fine! Back to work Judge.

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Did think you misspoke. All is well.


Juror: “Is there a checkbox on this form to convict the JUDGE?”

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