Judge was supposed to preside over a Pennsylvania couple's wedding. She called ICE on them instead

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Related: these adoptees’ American parents messed up their citzenship paperwork, and now a bunch of them have been deported. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/02/world/asia/south-korea-adoptions-phillip-clay-adam-crapser.html


Downright Presidential, dont’cha’think


Well, at least it wasn’t a funeral that was interrupted . . . .


Wait! He was adopted and brought to the US at 8 months old but had an expired Guatamalen ID card? With a picture from when he was 8 months old? Why does he not have any us ID by now?

Something is strange about that.


Because he went back to Guatamala to reconnect with his birth relatives at some point in the recent past? Nothing strange about that.


I guess you mean :

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Huh? She presided like the current President.

You seem a bit critical of the whole concept? it’s not clear with these long winded responses, what you’re trying to say.


Thank you, Mr. Bellamy.

I’m always eager to hear criticism of America’s racism delivered from countries that are far whiter than this one. And comments about our immigration policy from countries whose immigration policies are more restrictive.

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Still strange he didn’t think to bring his US id to his wedding. I don’t know how it works in the US but where I live you need to bring a valid id card to your own wedding. I can sort of understand the judge wanting to check everything is in order in this situation.

The way they handled it is absolutely abysmal though.

While I don’t think our registrars would call the police on you, we in the UK do (under our ‘hostile environment’ policy - thanks Dave and Theresa!) require couples to prove their entitlement to reside in the UK absolutely comprehensively.

Wouldn’t want any nasty foreigners getting married here and claiming some sort of rights.

Except of course, being the spouse of a UK national gets you exactly no right to reside in the UK.


Because nobody ever has brain-farts on their wedding day.


I work in camp hill. Parts of it are very elitist. Walking through more than a few parts of it is like walking through a desperate housewives episode. It is also referred to locally as “The White Shore.” I’m sad to say that this doesn’t surprise me at all.

Reading the Newsweek article, I’m not sure he had any US ID to bring.

From the linked propublica article:

At that moment, he was technically undocumented, with his green-card renewal being processed.

I have no idea what that means.

However, given that all the ‘are you entitled to get married’ stuff is dealt with when you apply for your marriage license:


I’m not sure why a judge on the actual wedding day is doing any more than checking:

  • is there a license?
  • are these the people named on the license?

If she was in doubt about the identity, then she could just have asked for further proof (which he was obviously able to supply) or could have declined to go ahead.

Calling ICE just seems petty and vindictive.


What’s that, I can’t hear you with this banana in my ear.

Clearly you work in the part that’s a hive of inclusion and tolerance, not like them them them

Once they’re married, they can have sex, and that could lead to anchor babies!



If a registrar suspects that a ‘sham marriage’ is going to take place, they’re legally obliged (under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999) to report it to the Home Office.

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