Judiciary Committee report on impeachment argues for charging Trump with 'willful incitement of insurrection' [READ IT]

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I just don’t get the republicans saying that it shouldn’t be done because it won’t get him out any faster. If there’s no practical effect, what’s the harm? Why not spend a couple hours humouring the folks that had to go through that trauma?

For all the talk of wanting “unity” the republicans still pushing back on impeachment seem to have no clue of how to actually achieve it. They don’t want unity, they want continued subjugation of the democrats and the people who elected them.


Read it?
I’ve lived it.


They say “you can’t indict/arrest a sitting president-- impeachment is the only remedy!”

Then, when you impeach, they say “Dont impeach-- it doesn’t ‘do’ anything.”


I’ve asked before, but how the hell did the Senate justify going into recess in the middle of the greatest Constitutional crisis of their lives?


I suspect it was specifically to blunt the potential timing on an impeachment.


they could convict him the same day if they wanted to

this is the original process for removing a chief executive who is a clear and present danger

it doesn’t have to take any time


It was to prevent, as best they could, any attempts at solving, or mitigating that crisis. After all, many of them (most of them?) were complicit in the conspiracy, if not active participants.


Yeah, yeah, I know, but how did they justify it? And how come the Democrats weren’t screaming bloody murder? Because of the, you know, bloody murder?


Since when have the Repubs ever justified any of their actions?


Looks like Donald Trump is going to be impeached. I hope this is true.


Yeah, yeah, I know, but how did they justify it?

I was actually up all night watching that session, and if I have this right, after the counting of the votes, Mitch McConnell quietly mentioned that - since the new senate (i.e. dem majority) was supposed to be assembled before the next session, that they should reconvene then. At the time, it sounded like a concession, or a putting out of flames, since he was basically saying that nothing else should happen until the other side have a majority (and majority leader) but I was still awake at 6-something AM my time and might have projected a weariness onto the man.

Now reading y’all, it’s interesting to think that it may have been schemy to make the democrats take further responsibility and let the complicit of his party wriggle off the hook (e.g. the record). However, you can imagine that no party has been in such crisis, so publicly, in recent memory, with a sitting president siccing a mob on his vice and shutting down congress, so the guy did seem to have a legit reason to want to regroup for a week or so before the next things happened.


the harm is:

IF he is not impeached we will be paying his retirement salary for the rest of his life.

IF he is not impeached he will have Secret Service protection for the rest of his life.

IF he is not impeached he will have travel paid for by us for the rest of his life.

IF he is not impeached he will of an office paid for by us for the rest of his life.

And Finally

IF he is not impeached he will be free to run for president again.


I have a suspicion that the next 4 years will be a nonstop parade of republicam motions to impeach Biden every time he stops to scratch.


That’s what unity means to them: everyone doing what they want and preferably keeping their mouths shut as well.


If he is not impeached he will put everyone of all ages planning for a long life off their taste for palliative care in 4 days, that horrible rinded man and his gerrymandering Jesus soakers.


Remember; Covid is still a factor.

Some of these fuckers may not live to see four years from now, due to their own willful stupidity.


I think they’d lose their KKK membership if they knowingly installed a woman of color as President.


From the excerpt of the report:
“Impeachment is not a punishment of prior wrongs, but a protection against future evils.”
That’s a beautifully written line right there.