Jughead is asexual


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Well that ruins all those good Archie/Jughead slash stories.


I will leave you to your own conclusions…


I thought all fictional characters from this era were asexual.


Every time you see Jughead in the old comics, he’s ignoring women (usually while eating a hamburger) rather than trying to decide between Betty and Veronica. I love the interpretation that he’s asexual.




I suppose that Jughead has been signalling as much with the way he wears that ridiculous crown-hat. I’ve always thought it meant something…


Love the snarky title of that history textbook.


I actually want to read more and see where the story is headed. Well done. Also, I noticed that they had a gay non-asexual character in the men’s locker room and it wasn’t a big deal… Very well done.


In hindsight Jughead clearly doesn’t appear to be into it. He might be going along just because he cares about Archie so much but you can tell from his eyes he’d really rather be somewhere else.


Furry convention?


“Asexuality” is a meme.


Really? And not an actual human condition?


I think that it covers up some sort of auxiliary sex organ signals.




Good for him.



come on, we all know that Jughead is turned on by FOOD, not people.