Juice Companies are Squeezing You


"Wrestling with a seasonal shortage of grapefruits and oranges, some of the biggest players in juice—including Tropicana and Minute Maid—decided to downsize the bottles they ship off to many grocery stores but keep their price the same. So instead of the standard 59-ounce carafe, shoppers were picking up 52-ounce carafes and paying the same price as before. "

Warning: Deceptive Packaging


That stuff isn’t really orange juice, anyway…


Aren’t we all used to this
with “Half Gallons” of ice cream,
Teeny tiny cereal boxes
which seems to shrink
every week.
“Cups” of coffee that are 6-ozs.
Bags of ground coffee are now
10-12 ozs., instead of a pound.
±----±++++add your product here±—+±-++++


As someone who lives alone I actually appreciate some of these. 12oz of coffee beans is more than I can go through before it starts to lose some flavor.

Fresh herbs - cilantro, parseley, mint, basil are the worst. I would gladly pay an insane price ($1?) for just a couple sprigs rather than $2-3 for a huge bunch which will start to rot before I’ve even made a dent in it.


I grabbed a box of cheerios off the shelf the other day and it was physically jarring how narrow the box was, like stepping onto a step that’s lower than expected.
From the front it appeared to be a traditional box. It was like the facade of an old west building falling down to reveal a tiny shack.


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