JUMPSUIT: counterfashion ungendered monogarments


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Make mine a Speedsuit.


Or get a blue collar job and have no choice in wearing one. Admittedly I have coveralls that I use when working on my car or house so I don’t ruin good clothes.


I got mine out’a trash can, cost was washing them 10 times to get the yuck out…


I find wearing a shirt and nothing else the most comfortable when I am by myself.


Hell yeah I’m in


I didn’t know Alan Rickman could play guitar.



Damn straight, mister!


I’m holding out for the ones with flared trousers.


Looking pretty good, for prisoners.



They give them out to us at work. The ones I have are usually made of flame-retardant materials, and just keep getting softer with washing.
I am not sure you need to be a fashion designer to make these. I get the idea of having lots of sizes, but we do that at work as well, by modifying existing coveralls to each person’s preference. We modify them for desired fit, and also add pockets or whatever. I usually put a bungee strap on the pocket where I carry my radio.


I’ve made a few over the years but never for myself. They were once a bit of a trend in the home sewing world, and a pretty fun sew. I’m on the larger side and don’t think a jumpsuit would be terribly flattering on a frame with a little extra padding. But I’ve been known to wear overalls around the house for chores.

It looks like their pattern isn’t available yet, so I’ll recommend this one for those interested in making one.

It’s not a great beginner’s project because of some complicated construction details (you’re making a shirt with all of the complex details), but someone with a little skill would be able to produce one. Fitting it well will also be a challenge.


or you know, those old Star Wars sheets you have lying around.

If you’re going to go Lucas, better to get one of the plain ones and sew a “THX 1138” patch on it.



Oh, I don’t know. Churchill thought so…




Ivanka after buying and shredding her clothing:

(I love this gif)


I have a memory of a funny moment in graduate school when my female best friend was bemoaning the hassle of buying new clothes, and I suggested that she could just buy a couple jumpsuits and wear those all the time. She replied, “No, the ‘girl who wears the jumpsuit’ is very much A Thing,” and that she had no interest in being that.


I’m not sure how “rational” it is to wear an outfit that means your shirt drags on the floor of the toilet every time you have to sit down…