June was America's hottest on record

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0.9F. Climate records should not be broken by anywhere near that much. I have mentioned before, i think, that my brother worked for NRL back in the 90’s. Their modelling at the time showed we had already crossed the tipping point and were going to see ongoing acceleration from then on. From this I garner 2 major points:

  1. They were right, other than that they were a bit too conservative, as things are accelerating faster than they thought, and

  2. The government knew this nearly 40 years ago, and ignored and suppressed that knowledge to maintain status quo.

From this, I conclude that the blood is on their hands. Most of those most responsible, of course, had already shuffled off this mortal coil, as I suspect they knew they would, before the butcher’s bill came due. But we are left holding the bag. Best we can do is prepare for ever worsening disasters, and for those on the many bull’s eyes, get out if you can.


Will Fox try to blame this on Biden or ignore that anything unusual is happening with the climate at all? Talk about a Catch-22!


Time for an elderly GOP Senator to take another snowball from his freezer and declare “it’s just weather, hardy-har-har…”

Every place on the planet is going to be impacted somehow by the climate emergency, but there are definitely some places that will get hit harder than others. As you note, the bill is coming due sooner than anyone was led to expect by TPTB.

I’ll repost this piece here:


Hang on there, but we can put billionaires into space, that’s better than climate issues. /s



This knucklehead i.e. the Australian prime minister, sees and raises the GOP senator’s snowball with a lump of coal and then the east coast burns and pollutes the air in South America!


My eldest just took a job as a fireman. Smart move.


Which of course means Boston MA feels like Autumn in July. Really tricky weather around these parts.

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