Just look at Savannah's new baseball team

I lived in Savannah, GA for a couple years while I was going to grad school, it’s a fun little city with loads of history and intrigue. But now I believe it may have something even better.

I do believe our little online community may have a new official sportsball team.


Well at least it isn’t a bee that looks like a turd with a scowl on its face.

I heard the Sand Gnats had gone.

Interesting replacement.

You insult my alma mater, sir.

But honestly it’s kind of hard to get too worked up defending them until I finally get those student loans paid off.


Ours. :wink:

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What was your major?

Computer art then interactive design and game development.


Graphic Design. Which meant most of my classes were in the old armory building with the cannons out front, so that was kind of fun. I lived across the street from the Colonial cemetery.


Nice! I pretty much lived in semi-ghetto. 3 different places right around that El Cheapo gas station on Abercorn.

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On Bull St?

I didn’t really like Savannah, but I can’t deny I liked living in the historic district (we were on Gaston near the park)


Oglethorpe near Abercorn, down the street from where Juliette Gordon Low founded the girl scouts and next door to where Conrad Aiken’s father killed his mom in a murder-suicide. It wasn’t a fancy apartment or anything, it was actually a converted hay loft in a carriage house that still had scuff marks in the floorboards from 19th century pitchforks. We also had rats in the walls and roaches the size of terriers. But character goes a long way, and I always enjoyed hearing the clopping of hooves as the horse-drawn buggies passed by our window.

My wife taught at a local school in the outskirts of town which was decidedly less romantic. For example, she had to explain to one parent that no, she couldn’t and wouldn’t accomodate his request to make sure his child didn’t have to work in a study group that included non-white kids.


Haha, I lived in Blood territory. One place was across from that crack house near Forsyth.

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Doubtless, they will use the Gwen Stefani song for all their crowd-hyping needs


That hit was bananas


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