Just look at these 98 perfect little cubes of raw food perfectly organized into a neat grid



The instant I saw the picture, I started salivating. I don’t even like some of those foods! Brains are weird.

Bite size all the things!

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98 perfect little cubes. Not 100. 98.

So many repeats. They couldn’t think of 98 foods? These guys are just phoning it in.

What optical wizardry makes the cubes in the back row the same size as the ones in the front row?

How the heck did they keep it all so fresh?

no cubed egg? (ah, ok, RAW food )

The degree of foreshortening is going to depend on the camera distance…If the camera is farther away the difference in distance between the nearest and farthest cube is less. So a camera several yards away would probably be enough.

One luftbaloon left over…

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What @simonize said plus, very probably, the use of some very clever specialized equipment and techniques for perspective correction. One weird trick studio and architecture photographers love!

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This makes for delightful desktop wallpaper. I just wish they’d shared an overhead view as well, for the Knolling enthusiasts among us.

The use of a rise and tilt lens hadn’t even occurred to me…I’m sure that you’re right that was part of the equation.

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I require the coordinates of the banana cube, lest the BoingBoing meme go unfulfilled.


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Rightmost row, second from the top. Just look at it.


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