Just look at this baby banana toothbrush


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This has become part of my standard new baby gift kit - just about every kid loves it. Great for teethers, but not really for brushing teeth.


My 5 month old totally toothless baby loooooves banana brush, and has for a couple months. When she needs to chew on something and is getting nutty, banana (along with our “banana girl, brush your gums” song, sung to the tune of Kumbaya) chills her out pretty quickly. She also learned to hold it herself and explore it with her mouth a lot faster than other toys, as the silicone is grippy, and it has the “peel” handles.


Isn’t is a “banana baby toothbrush”? I keep picturing this being used on the little bananas that are sold in bags.


Absolutely nothing for the G-spot? FAIL!


It looks so smug and proud of itself.


My son wouldn’t take a soother to save his life. We ended up getting one of these as a gift and he didn’t stop chewing on it for a week.


I think I need this.


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