Just look at this enamel bananashark pin


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Now see, I asked for it with a tornado damnit.


A pink enamel bananashark pin. Because everyone knows that’s what color bananasharks are.





@Dimitrios_Papag: “Don’t talk back!”


I just found my perfect tattoo. Thank you, Cory.


Does this pin herald the new Sharknado-nana spin off? We can only hope.

And @Jose_Kanusee beat me to it! :wink:


Needs more Andy.

Dissapoint that there is no “Peel slowly and see” reference…


“bananasharknato” is an alliance/organization of bananasharks from the north Atlantic that was formally created by a treaty.

“bananansharknado” is a tornado full of or made of bananasharks.

“bananasharknatto” is a dish made with bananas, shark meat, and fermented soybeans.

“bananasharkneato” is what little Billy excitedly exclaimed right before he was devoured by a bananashark.

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