Justice Department asks White House to invoke executive privilege over Mueller report

I don’t understand how the DOJ so blatantly acts like the White House Counsel.


Nixon was a terrible person that did many terrible things, but I firmly believe he believed in the institutions he represented, believed in governance, and when backed into a corner was basically shamed into resigning.

Trump doesn’t believe in the institutions he represents and wants to see them fall. He’s a nihilist through and through. He has no shame. He wants to see the world burn. He will fight until he either becomes a full-blown despot or the R’s he enables finally wake up and actually fucking do something.


An interesting take:

“The attorney general could have redacted parts of the Mueller report to protect presidential confidentiality. He didn’t, and now’s too late.”




thinks the democrats are wasting their time.


I don’t know my American history for shit, but I find these Nixon comparisons to be cold comfort. Correct me if I’m wrong but aside from running some crooked election interference, Nixon at least wanted to be president right? And wanted to be a good president, and cared whether America as a nation prospered, correct? Trump is a walking charicature of a 3rd world dictator, obsessed with himself and his appearance as a leader-type above all matters of state, and using his position to loot the country for his personal gain.

I mean, Nixon resigned. I just. can’t. imagine. Trump doing that. And every subsequent tweet reinforces that. If norhing else, this presidency had squashed whatever semblances of Americam Exceptionalism were buried in the recesses of my mind. Not only Could It Happen Here, it feels like him taking his best shot at fake-medal-bedazzled psycho on a balcony seems like the only future I can imagine with any clarity…


To be fair we don’t have to chip away at his base much for him to lose the next election. His approval rating has been consistently hovering between 35 and 45 percent. If those few rational centrist republicans can’t stomach voting for him it might be enough. Of course we’ll also need a democrat strong enough that people aren’t staying home for similar reasons.


Lots of independents who voted for Trump on a whim may not be in the market for his BS this time around.


That’s what I’m thinking… but knock on wood… I have lost a lot confidence in the judgement of the average American. I want to believe that the majority of people will do the right thing when given a choice but… here we are…


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