Justice for All: Thousands march on Washington to demand end to police violence, racial profiling



of course if you’re a public official who supports the aim of reducing police violence the police will not take it lightly–


tribalism? competing power center? both?

how does society deal with having to be defended from its supposed defenders?


Unfortunately, that’s about the oldest question in political science(and practically older than dirt, if you count colony organisms with autoimmune disorders as ‘societies’) and the answers, such as they are, seem to shake down to a variety of fuzzy cultural things that do sometimes work; but aren’t exactly trivial to impliment.

As for the specific NYPD funeral thing? Not really sure, though I’m struck by how much it reminds me of the enthusiasm of (enormously state supported, sometimes explicitly bailed out) ‘wealth creators’ to go on hyperbolic screeds about how the state that was catering to their every economic interest just wasn’t saying enough nice things about them, and that this would end in death camps and collectivism soon enough.

With the cops, the city(along with the PD, union, DA, etc.) essentially has their back 100%. Civil settlements aren’t their problem, being fired is remarkably difficult, and being criminally charged requires truly remarkable effort. And yet, because the mayor didn’t toady to them sufficiently, he isn’t invited to their (relatively improbable) funeral-after-heroic-death-on-the-job.

I don’t know why that is. I understand, though don’t always agree with, people who scream because their actual bread and butter is being messed with; they may or may not deserve it; but it’s an actual loss. Screaming because you are given all the objectives you desire; but not enough respect? Weird.


Were these protests covered in the mainstream media?

How about this story:

What the headline does not say is NJ Black Man. More here:

Finally, action. Stay angry, stay moving.

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