Justice swift after man poos on pub tables


For it is, it is a glorious thing to be a pirate king…


30 minutes apart? Either he has impressive control of his GI or there was some intricate planning involved. Maybe with some fiber…


I’m surprised that he got in trouble. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t shit where you eat, but I thought that it was perfectly fine to shit where you drink.

Apparently we’ve at last found a male perpetrator who is not a gentleman. And to think it was in Cornwall!

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I am continually impressed with the class and elegance of the English.

...his crimes were committed 30 minutes apart.

That makes it sound like he had someone following him around with a stopwatch.

Had he performed the same feat 30 minutes apart in Penzance and John O’Groats, everyone might be clapping.

Actually, if it was a Wetherspoons pub, I’d say that incident was him accidentally spilling his bar food.

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