Man charged with urinating on other flight passengers


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Sleepwalking? Ambien, perhaps?


Thank god I wasn’t on that flight or the chances of the headline reading “Man charged with ramming plastic cutlery up urinating man’s penis,” would have drastically increased.


Godamnit, has to have a Portland connection, doesn’t it.
Keep Portland weird doesn’t include pissing on other passengers guys.


Sounds like a clear violation of the “3 ounce” rule.


Or pass-out drunk.

I had a dormmate that developed a habit of pissing when he blacked out; he had a fondness for using shoes. It got him kicked out and me a better dormmate within a few weeks.


Was the guy Belgian? Aside from the urination aspect, why would you use a photo of the “Manneken Pis” to illustrate this? I’d think a photo of a JetBlue plane, or the Portland airport would be more suitable.


Was the guy an airplane? Aside from the air travel aspect, why would you use a photo of an airplane to illustrate this? I’d think a photo of someone urinating would be more suitable.


Released on his own recognizance because he’s too drunk to find his way out of town.


Yeah, but the statue is so closely associated with Belgium and Brussels that it just sends a completely different message than intended.

A photo of somebody urinating would be better, but unless it was the guy himself it would be kind of pointless. It’s like, “some guy urinated on people, but it was NOT this guy in the photo!”



Yeah, my experience with the black-out drunk roommate was the beer cans in the oven (trash can was in pantry on other side of kitchen), or the vomiting on a new mattress I provided – and simply turning it over.
Or the daily watching of Independence Day. I guess he could never make it to the end…

Kicked out within two weeks.


…offensive littering?! What other kinds of things fall under this law?


I’d be very surprised if that’s true for most BB readers. I for one had no idea where that pissing boy lives.


Personally, I can’t even hear the word “Belgium” without thinking about public urination.


have you SEEN Mark’s car?


Trump posters?


Here’s a different one Mark, and I don’t think there are any Heculaneumians around to object:


Man, I bet those passengers in front of him were pissed.

Thank you! I’ll be here all week.


Maybe if you live in Brussels… I had no idea what you were talking about in your first post. (Fountain statues of pissing children aren’t unique to Brussels.) Even if it was, so what? A photo of Copenhagen’s Den lille havfrue would be appropriate for a mermaid-related story without people assuming it was meant to represent Denmark.

Why would you use that picture? Was the micturating miscreant a semi-divine Mediterranean child-killer who wrestled death and wore a lion’s skin?