Man thrown 30 feet by runaway bus picks self up and enters pub


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Slammed by bus, man stands up and enters bar

Keep calm and carry on.


Hardcore motherfucker, that Simon is.


“Enters Pub” - it’s myopic to label this as an odd or ‘metal’ thing to do. The pub has staff and patrons and a phone and a washroom and chairs to sit in. Some of the staff/patrons might be the man’s friends. Where else is the man supposed to go to get help and to wait for EMS to arrive?


9.13 a.m. and the bar is already open, because it’s Reading.


I believe it’s the fact that after that encounter the man is ambulant at all on which Rob was remarking.


Reading usually puts me to sleep.


Fuck if I just got up from that I would be thinking need me some booze before the pain sets in.


Who doesn’t need a pint or two after getting hit by a bus?


Of course- for medicinal purposes.


Thanks, your comment had me gurgling like a drain.


I don’t even drink but after watching that I had a similar thought about needing to settle some nerves.


Some people will use any story just to get a free drink.


Protip: in the UK, the town called “Reading” is pronounced “Redding.” Blame either the Vikings or the Normans.


That guy has seen some shit, this is not his first rodeo.


The last time I was hit by a bus car, the drinking had come beforehand. Inner Circle Navy Rum to be precise.
“Gosh”, I remember thinking, as I slid across the tarmac into the direction of oncoming traffic, “that escalated quickly.”


Holy cow that guy could’ve easily died in a myriad of ways. Glad it was something he could just walk away from


The real life version of “Let’s go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint and wait for this to blow over.”


Protip: We know. It’s pronounced the same way here (Reading PA, the railroad in Monopoly) we blame the colonists.


“I’d like to propose a toast. . . to being alive.